Descriptive Essay About My Bedroom 825 Words | 4 Pages. My bedroom A tall, matte, medium brown door borders off the room from the rest of the house; a double size bed lies directly ahead in the right corner, with a lavender comforter draped smoothly over the edges to meet the slightly darker purple bedskirt, that extends down to the gray multicoloured carpets that stretches from wall to wall. The waters are rough, with large waves rocking the boat. I choose green bed cover with animal motif because I want to match it with the wall’s colour. I still love spending time in my room, reading a book or simply lying on the bed and doing nothing.

Under it there is my bed, there are a blanket, a bolster, two pillows, and my lovely pig doll. It is a dark night, with a full moon, dark clouds filling the horizon.

I cannot see land in any direction. Mmm, I wanna trace soft patterns over your skin. The walls and the floor are white, and the bed and curtains, as well as some decorations are pink, which gives the room a special touch. My Dream House- Descriptive Paragraph Paragraph: My Dream House. If you really want your love to go crazy about you, write her a paragraph in which you describe in detail what you are planning to do with her in bed. It depends; where is this room? I am sitting in a small wooden boat in the ocean or large lake. As she reads this, she will feel a fluttering of ecstasy all over her body. bedroom is special place in house. If you sleep on my bed, I am sure you will not wake up soon, because the bed is so comfortable. Descriptive paragraph yang baik memperhitungkan five senses (panca indera): smell, taste, touch, sound dan sight.Meskipun sight sering dipertimbangkan sebagai hal pertama yang penulis perhatikan, terkadang yang terbaik dalam penulisan descriptive paragraph adalah meninggalkan detail sampai akhir.. Contoh Descriptive Paragraph Contoh 1: If I were to write a descriptive paragraph about a teenagers bedroom for example: Sarah's room was filled with teenage idea ology. In my dream, I am in a small boat in rough waters.

This place is filled with dreams and memories, and it gives me confidence and a sense of stability. Check More Descriptive Essay Examples. it is important for everyone .