So based on the new chapter I believe that Death Gatling should have a solid 7-B rating for his performance against Garou. Stain doesn’t have any of the speed, strength, or technique that is required to match Garou, even as wounded as he was.

Unable to stop Garou's attack, both Lightning Max and Death Gatling's bodies were crushed by the demon, instantly knocking out the pitch-black gunner. Asosiasi Monster di ONE muncul mendadak dan mampu menangani Genos, Bang, serta Bomb. Hyping Garou is officially my job now .Anyways... After getting beaten by Watchdog Man and contracting a fever so severe that he himself states should prevent him from moving for 2-3 days Garou fights and defeats 8 A-Class heroes. "But if I back off too far, I'm in Shooter and Blam-Blam's field of fire. … Garou vs death Gatling and Genos manga animation | by arki Mon, link to original video in the comments

Garou vs Death Gatling's Posse: Quite simply, the best choreographed fight I've seen to date. What is your opinion of how chapter 100 Teruki would do against the S-class? So much was happening and yet not a single panel was confusing.

(Including the A-Team, Fubuki, Atomic's disciples (together or alone), and Amai-Mask) Continue this thread level 2.

Urutan kemunculan Asosiasi Monster di versi ONE berbeda dengan versi Murata.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 11 featured the continuation of the battle between “Hero Hunter” Garou and the Class A and Class B heroes sent by the Hero Association. Garou (Human) Vs. Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkman, Vixen, and Elongated Man. As he did this, Silene jumped off the lamp post and walked toward the Hero Hunter. During said fight he gets shot in the leg and gets two poisoned arrows in the shoulder and still manages to block Death Gatling's Death Shower, which … With Death Gatling on clean up, eh?" In the process of deflecting Death Gatling’s bullets, Garou managed to save Tareo (the little boy) who got scared and ran away. Garou says in his internal monologue before getting hit by a pair of poison arrows. Garou wins Garou vs. Death Gatling: 53 22-23: Garou wins Garou vs. Genos: 53 23: Interrupted by Bang and Bomb: Garou vs. Bang and Bomb: 53, 54 24: Interrupted by Senior Centipede, Bug God and two other monsters: Garou vs. Saitama (Dine-and-Dash) 55 None Saitama wins Garou vs. Senior Centipede, Bug God, and Royal Ripper: 56 None Suiryu brute strenght is far superior from these 4 but he still human.Garou only survived Death Gatlings attack because his martial arts were so advanced that he could redirect the bullets.

Di sini …

He... Death Gatling (デスガトリング, Desu Gatoringu) is an A-Class Rank 8 hero for the Hero Association. Garou vs Death Gatling's Posse: Quite simply, the best choreographed fight I've seen to date.

Dia bisa mengalahkan mereka dengan mudah. By lowballing, Death Gatling's minigun is 45 times faster which is Mach 112.5(50x45) since the M134 fires 50 rounds per second As for Garou's reaction & combat speed= Assuming it takes 4 seconds for the bullets to reach him in his POV going by the panels before he starts deflecting them all, He should be mach 450 (mach 112.5 x 4s) Garou vs. Death Gatling's Group Garou vs. Bang and Bomb Garou vs. Genos was the battle between the Hero Hunter Garou and the S-Class hero Genos. When he completed his transformation into Awakened Garou, he definitely had evolved to a point where even Bang stood no chance against him. Garou vs Death Gatling. Garou vs death Gatling and Genos manga animation | by arki Mon, link to original video in the comments 1,073 points • 50 comments • submitted 12 hours ago by … The strategic thinking that went into Death Gatling's picks, the way the A and B-Class heroes capably worked together to try to subdue Garou and the way Garou took them apart, that was amazing. He can predict the movements of Metal Bat's Savage Tornado attack. Death gatling group win,Genos in that state you brought couldn't even move by his own he is usless,and i dont see how suiryu will be able to deal with the posion and the Death Shower,he has broken bones also