Lyrics: It’s all up to you I have no choice but to watch Whether the end will come or not It’s decided by your words. Translation of 'Breaking Down' by DAY6 (데이식스) from English, Japanese to English Lyrics: I hate it both but I still do more This story has been going on for months I’m sick of you now Both of us were bad. / Is anyone there?

Day6 revealed during their Q&A session on this song's release day, "Our title track 'Zombie' is a medium tempo, hip-hop-inspired track, with DAY6's signature color added on top.It depicts a person who has decided to cut ties with their emotions as a zombie. The coldness that I’ve been feeling Might just be an illusion I’d know from here Do you even love me now. Romanization. Sad sad sad sad mwo eojjeogesseo Always Bad bad bad bad Timing all the time nuga tteugeoul ttaemyeon dareun nugun chagawo jinjja michigesseo.

Lyrics Romanization, Korean, Translation. This is the lyrics for the English version, for the English translation of the Korean version go here: DAY6 – Zombie English Translation Lyrics. Translation of '365247' by DAY6 (데이식스) from English, Korean to English I Need Somebody (English Translations) Lyrics: Hello there / Is anyone there? Lyrics: Breathin’ but I’ve been dyin’ inside Nothin’ new and nothin’ feels right Dejavu so I close my eyes Let the demon sing me a lullaby . Artist: 데이식스 (DAY6) Song: 해와 달처럼 (Day and Night)(English Translation) Album: The Book of Us : The Demon Year: 2020.

Album: The Book of Us : The Demon Year: 2020. Translation of 'Hi Hello' by DAY6 (데이식스) from Korean to English Artist: 데이식스 (DAY6) Song: How to love (English Translation) Album: The Book of Us : Gravity Year: 2019. Lyrics. Artist: 데이식스 (DAY6) Song: 때려쳐 (Stop)(English Translation) Album: The Book of Us : The Demon Year: 2020. Like the day and night dareuge doraga jungganeun hangsang jamkkanijanha chiuchigeona hanjjogeseoman seoro wonhaewassjanha.

I don’t need it all End it now I already did my best Not now No matter how hard I try, there’s no more point Both of us were bad. DAY6 - Zombie (English Ver.) Lyrics: Like day and night We go back differently The middle is always waiting It’s just a moment It’s being biased Only on one side We’ve been wanting each other. People all around the world say it If you’ve been through it, then you know How great is this thing called love Even if it’s painful and you get hurt You still make it a point to search for it again How sweet it is. / Where is / Is there anyone / To answer me? DAY6 – Day and Night Lyrics (English Translation) Advertisements. Artist: 데이식스 (DAY6) Song: Love me or Leave me (English Translation) Album: The Book of Us : The Demon Year: 2020. Translation of '혼자야 (All Alone) (honjaya)' by DAY6 (데이식스) from Korean to English

eodiseonga jangnanchigo issneun … Artist: DAY6 Song: Zombie (English Ver.) Color coded Lyrics