A tactician in the employ of the Hoshidan queen Mikoto, Yukimura is playable solely in the Birthright campaign, and is one of two playable characters playable in that campaign (the other being Izana) who is not playable in the Revelation campaign. Star Wars: The Old Republic (Video Game 2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Skills.

Voice Actor EN: Cam Clarke: Voice Actor JP: Shimazaki Nobunaga (島﨑信長) Release Date: 2020-05-08: Addition Date: 2020-05-07: Appears in: Fire Emblem Fates: Internal ID PID_暴走カムイ男 … Marcella Caithleann Pope is an American actress and voice actress best known for her role as the female version of Corrin in the fantasy tactical role-playing franchise Fire Emblem. Corrin: Novice Vacationer 0 ... Corrin is the only hero with Sealife Tome+. Character Voice Actor (ENG) Illustrator Marth Yuri Lowenthal Wada Sachiko (ワダサチコ) Ogma Travis Willingham Yamada Akihiro (山田章博) Navarre T. Axelrod Yura (由 … The female English Voice Actor is Marcella Lentz-Pope. Jump to: navigation, search. Weapons Sealife Tome+, ... English Voice Actor Marcella Lentz-Pope I use the default one with M!Corrin purely because I got used to it from Smash but my … Lentz-Pope was born on August 16, 1988, in Los Angeles County, California, to Patricia Lentz and Tony Pope. ; Defense +3 Grants Def+3. ; Dragon Fang Boosts damage by 50% of unit's Atk. I don't hate any of Corrin's voice options, I just don't like most of them. Voice actors are people that voice characters in the Super Smash Bros. series. Fallen Corrin (M) gets a lot of buffs from his skills when he is not adjacent to any allies. Voice Actor EN: Marcella Lentz-Pope: Voice Actor JP: Satou Satomi (佐藤聡美) Release Date: 2018-11-09: Addition Date: 2018-11-08: Appears in: Fire Emblem Fates: Internal ID PID_夢カムイ女 … Just something that's been on my mind as of late. Corrin has the lowest HP potential possible among Flying heroes. Behind The Voice Actors is a site that not only collects data on the various voice actors for movies and TV shows, but also for video games. Corrin (カムイ, Kamui) are two playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors. The female version of Corrin appears in Story Mode, but the male version can be used as an alternate costume, with new voice clips, after being unlocked in the History Mode.

His default voice actor is atrocious and I cannot stand the delivery of his lines in battles are so cringe-inducing. I don't hate any of Corrin's voice options, I just don't like most of them. If you’re unfamiliar with their site, it’s a pretty informative spot to check out and it’s quite easy to navigate, very much like IMDB and its movie/actor database. This page is for Nohr Princess: Corrin. Corrin (F) … Fallen Corrin (M) is a Hero who can be pulled from any summon.