Chuck went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali back in 1975 which inspired Sylvester Stallone to make the Oscar winning film Rocky in 1976. Gallery: Chuck Wepner, boxing legend and Bayonne native "There were 74 steps here; in Bayonne, there are only 41," he moaned.

'The Real Rocky,' a documentary about Chuck Wepner, Bayonne boxer who inspired Stallone, premieres Tuesday on ESPN Updated Mar 31, 2019; Posted Oct 24, 2011 World Premiere of Chuck Wepner movie Chuck (The Bleeder in the UK and Ireland) is a 2016 American biographical sports drama film directed by Philippe Falardeau and written by Jeff Feuerzeig, Jerry Stahl, Michael Cristofer and Liev Schreiber, who also stars in the title role.The cast includes Elisabeth Moss, Ron Perlman, Naomi Watts, Jim Gaffigan, Michael Rapaport, Pooch Hall, Morgan Spector, and Jason Jones. Chuck Wepner is a liquor salesman from Bayonne, N.J., who drives a Cadillac with “Champ” vanity plates. On Tuesday, viewers of ESPN's "The Real Rocky" documentary will hear the story of Chuck Wepner. I am a big fan of Jeff Feuerzeig and this is a fine documentary about a great character by the name of Chuck Wepner. On the wall is a poster promoting his fight against Chuck Wepner, from the documentary "Pariah: The Lives and Deaths of Sonny Liston". As Wepner got up, stumbling against the ropes, the referee stopped the fight, giving Ali the TKO. The Real Rocky is the latest film in ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series.. Filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig examines the story of Chuck “The Bayonne Bleeder” Wepner… Ali came back, however, and TKO'd Wepner at 2:41 of the 15th round, thus ending Wepner's no-knockdown string. Wepner also scored notable wins over Randy Neumann and Ernie Terrell. Source - Behind-the-scenes documentary 40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic will enter the digital on-demand ring on June 9.. Virgil Films & Entertainment is releasing the film. Answer: New Jersey's own Chuck Wepner, aka "The Bayonne Bleeder." Wepner blew his chance to appear in 'Rocky II' Stallone acknowledged Wepner as his Rocky inspiration and wanted to cast the boxer as a sparring partner in 1979's Rocky II.But Wepner … The 2016 film Chuck depicts Chuck Wepner, his 1975 title fight with the heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali, and the fight's influence on the screenplay for Rocky. Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder, he was the pride of Bayonne, New Jersey, a man who went fifteen rounds in the ring with Muhammad Ali, and the real life Charles "Chuck" Wepner (born February 26, 1939) is an American former professional boxer who fought at heavyweight. Views: 4 Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport Director: Philippe Falardeau Actors: Elisabeth Moss, Jim Gaffigan, Liev Schreiber, Michael Rapaport, Naomi Watts, Pooch Hall, Ron Perlman Country: USA

A former New Jersey State Heavyweight Boxing Champion, he took abuse from Sonny Liston, got his nose broken by Muhammad Ali, and inspired Sylvester Stallone to write “Rocky” which won three Academy Awards.

The Chuck Wepner Statue Fund Incentive Program About Chuck WEpner Born Charles Wepner on the 26th February 1939 in Bayonne, New Jersey USA, he is a retired professional boxer, who fought in the heavyweight category, best known to the world for withstanding Muhammad Ali … Chuck Wepner, a retired boxer from Bayonne, N.J., in front of a statue of himself in a local tire shop. Mr. Wepner knocked down Muhammad Ali in a famous 1975 fight that inspired the movie “Rocky.” A drama inspired by the life of heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner. The "Real Rocky" is Chuck Wepner -- a liquor salesman from Bayonne, N.J., who drives a … As a world ranked contender he fell just seconds short of a full fifteen rounds with world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in a 1975 title fight. Liston won his last fight, a TKO over Chuck Wepner… Watch online Chuck (2016) Full Movie Putlocker123, download Chuck Putlocker123 stream Chuck Movie in HD 720p/1080p.

To everyone's surprise, Wepner not only made it into the 15th round but actually floored Ali with one punch in the ninth round.