Cameron Crowe from an interview with Creem: “I think there is like a soul connection between Westerberg and a lot of the music that was coming out of Seattle,” says Crowe of everyone’s favorite Replacement turned film scorer, who, like most of the Seattle bands, was weaned on Seventies rock and pop. Soundtrack Credits .

Paul Westerberg, Soundtrack: Singles. Paul also did the score for “Singles”. It also features contributions from Minneapolis's Paul Westerberg (his first solo material after the breakup of The Replacements), Chicago's The Smashing Pumpkins, and past Seattle rockers Jimi Hendrix and The Lovemongers (Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart).

Paul Westerberg was born on December 31, 1959 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA as Paul Harold Westerberg. There was also a 10″ vinyl-only release called “Songs from Open Season” that included 5 songs from the original soundtrack plus 2 bonus* songs that only appear on the 10″ : Paul’s version of “Wild As I Wanna Be” and an additional version on “I Belong”. But, as with The Replacements, the joke is deceiving. "Grandpaboy" is an alias for Paul Westerberg, who recorded this EP on a shoestring budget and put it out on a friend's tiny label. When you look at the CD packaging, it seems like a joke. In 1992, Paul Westerberg wasn’t exactly the most likely choice to score Cameron Crowe’s sophomore film, Singles. It's fitting, then, that Westerberg now finds himself behind the soundtrack of a major animated feature. … Paul Westerberg, Bob and Tommy Stinson, Chris Mars, and Slip Dunlap were distinct individuals--characters--larger than life, and a bit cartoonish. Much cuter than most of this soundtrack, but the Seattle scene owes plenty to Westerberg and this song is just so CUTE. Rocks Performed by Primal Scream Paul Westerberg: ‘Love You In The Fall’ — from ‘Open Season’ (2006) I’m still confused how the creators of an animated kids movie chose Paul Westerberg, frontman for the ’80s alt-rock heroes the Replacements, to soundtrack their movie. (2004) Soundtracks. Menu. Movies. Saved! Written by Paul Westerberg Produced by Steve Fjelstad, Peter Jesperson, Paul Westerberg Courtesy of Twin/Tone Records . Singles is the original soundtrack album to the film Singles, primarily focused on the ascendant Seattle grunge scene of the early 1990s. Written by Paul Westerberg Performed by The Replacements Courtesy of Sire Records, By Arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing .

Singles is the original soundtrack album to the film Singles, primarily focused on the ascendant Seattle grunge scene of the early 1990s.

Sleeper favorite: "Dyslexic Heart," Paul Westerberg. The Sound Unseen Film + Music Festival turns 20 next week and, as part of the celebration, the fest will debut a Paul Westerberg documentary that was shot 20 years ago and has never been shown publ…

By Hilary ... With the exception of Paul Westerberg’s bubbly pop tunes and Chris Cornell’s moody solo track “Seasons,” Crowe homed in …

The Replacements were touted as the Next Big Thing for so long that when leader Paul Westerberg struck out for a solo career in 1992, that same sense of expectation carried over to the new phase of his career.