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Exposure to asbestos can result in asbestos related diseases.

Bunsen Burner Gauze Mats. Use either our plain version or two versions with ceramic centers to support beakers, flasks, or evaporating basins on a tripod stand while they are cooling or being heated over a Bunsen burner. Leave the Bunsen burner flame …

Physical Description. Featuring a ceramic centre, it allows small items to be heated and offers flame and thermal protection, as well as longer life. Product query. Used in the pharmacy of a psychiatric hospital in Victoria, 1880-1950. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has become aware of two suppliers of scientific equipment that have supplied mesh gauzes with asbestos-containing centres. Figure 1: Gauze mat with ceramic centre (Ref: Health and Safety Executive, United Kingdom Background Tremolite asbestos has been identified in the ceramic centre of some Bunsen burner gauze mats in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Preliminary testing has indicated that some gauze mats may have been imported into Australia. GAU-100-150 GAU-100-125 GAS-550-100 Bunsen Burner N.G.

Turn the gas tap to the ‘on’ position. Once the Bunsen burner is lit, extinguish the match. Wayne Breslyn 35,494 views.

Product description. Gauze Mat 125 x 125mm Ceramic Center. Qty. they are all metal) are outside the scope of this alert. Determining the hottest part of the Bunsen burner using a paper clip and match. Used to heat chemicals. Bunsen burner mats and gauze pads: Bunsen burners create a gas flame to quickly heat laboratory samples. Leave the Bunsen burner flame …

This safety alert is to warn of asbestos in Bunsen burner gauze mats with ceramic pads that have been imported into Australia Gauze mats without a ceramic centre (i.e. Turn the collar so that the air hole is covered. Designed for supporting crucibles and other implements over a Bunsen burner. Place a heat mat under the Bunsen burner. NZ $3.50. Gauze Mat plain 125mm X 125mm for Bunsen Burner Tripod. 13mm (Bulk Buy Available!)

Preliminary testing has indicated that some gauze mats may have been imported into Australia. Loading... Unsubscribe from Tine Willis? The HSE has stopped the supply of the mats and said that the overall risk of exposure to asbestos was low – but it has not named the companies involved.

My student was messing around with the bunsen burner when he noticed the following. Mats can only be kept for use if: your supplier provides you with documentation showing the mats have been appropriately tested and are asbestos free; or Date posted 21 Jun 2018. This Gauze Mat is a thin, metal sheet designed for holding crucibles and other implements over a Bunsen burner and is ideal for use in the science classroom or laboratory.

Turn the gas tap to the ‘on’ position.

Light a match and hold it about 3 cm above the top of the barrel.