Log-in or register to view your pricing. The top portion snaps into the lower one, forming a vacuum seal that does not require greasing. Molded of polypropylene, these buchner funnels are unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and heat, and easily separated for cleaning. Buchner funnels work by pulling a vacuum on the hose barb connection and siphoning under vacuum the extracted material through the filtration media.

Add to Cart. with DIN 60672-3, type C 110. This polypropylene two-piece funnel is light-weight, easy to clean and autoclavable.

Add to Cart. Funnel is unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and heat suitable for various filtration applications. Required Vacuum. Funnel can be used without risk with Erlenmeyer flasks. United Scientific Supplies Inc. Deluxe Slotted Weight Set Of 12, With Rack $ 78.17 $ 65.14 United Scientific Supplies Inc. All-Plastic Magnifier $ 10.50 $ 10.00

Vacuum Fittings. For the ones who get it done! Our Buchner funnels come in three main varieties: standard (with fixed or removable plates), single piece, and two piece (easy to clean). Can be used without risk with Erlenmeyer flasks. NC-13736. KF-25 Connection. 85 Plastic Funnels, Polypropylene Buchner Plastic Funnels Next Page. Ultimate Vacuum:29.998"HG, 5x10-2 torr. Filter Funnel: 24"Ø. Shop for Buchner Funnels at Grainger. Porcelain Buchner funnels include fixed perforated plates. Consists of one each of Filtering Flask 1000 ml, Porcelain Buchner Funnel 90 mm diameter (350ml capacity), Vacuum Pump Hand with Gauge, Filter Paper 90 mm Pack of 100 and rubber stopper with hole to accept Buchner Funnel. 150 lbs. Builit-in work table with casters.

This buchner funnel is the perfect size to speed up my filtration while not being too big or bulky to work with. Vacuum Filter Paper found in: Hardened Low Ash Grade 50 Quantitative Filter Papers, ... dry the filter, and record its final weight. Listed buchner funnel manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters are offering best deals for buchner funnel at your nearby location. Cat No.

Buchner Funnels. ... Kartell® 242835-070 Two-Piece 180mL Plastic Buchner Funnel, Diameter: 70mm, Polypropylene, Autoclavable Cases (2) / Packs. These two piece Buchner Funnel are light weight, easy to clean & autoclavable. Buchner Funnel - Fritted Buchner funnels are a key pre-processing tool when winterizing material to run it for a short path distillation system. Buchner Funnel, 11cm - Polypropylene, 2 Parts - Designed for 11-12.5cm Filter Paper - Stem Length, 8.5cm - Lightweight, Autoclavable - Eisco Labs by EISCO $9.85 $ 9 . Test this crude product for the presence of unreacted salicylic acid using the ferric chloride test. Ultimate Vacuum:29.998"HG, 5x10-2 torr. This buchner funnel is a fantastic "golidlocks zone" buchner funnel. ... Sintered Glass Buchner Funnel, 24/40, 1000mL Capacity. Buchner Funnels. Reservoir Volume. Filter plate is 4.8mm (3/16") thick with 4.8mm (3/16") perforations on 11mm (7/16") centers. I was working with a much smaller buchner funnel trying to filter ~750 mL of material and that was just taking too long. Weight. 364 matches found for HARTLEY BUCHNER FUNNEL Advanced Search | Structure Search Sort By Relevance Name ↑ Name ↓ Base Name ↑ Base Name ↓ Formula Weight ↑ Formula Weight ↓

Depending on the capacity needed you may select the size of the conical flask through a dropdown for 2500ml or 5000ml capacities. View as: Quick View Büchner funnel 127 C porcelain, size 0, heigth 76 mm. KF-25 Connection. 150 L. Operating Temperature (°C) … StonyLab Borosilicate Glass Buchner Filtering Funnel with Coarse Frit (G1), 46mm Inner-Diameter, 60mm Depth, with 24/40 Standard Taper Inner Joint and Vacuum Serrated Tubulation (60 mL) 4.3 … Plastic Buchner Funnel, 110mm. Required Vacuum. Fritted glass disc funnels are immediately ready for use, while perforated plates call for filter … ... Sintered Glass Buchner Funnel, 24/40, 1000mL Capacity.