Somehow it works, though. Features . The "found-footage" format ingrained itself as a staple of horror movies during the 2000s, but a glut of such films has flooded the marketplace with inferior examples of the immersive style.
The VHS “trilogy” is all streaming in Shudder.
Lake Mungo is the perfect horror mockumentary, featuring sympathetic interviews and …

PipsSnareDrum00. Grave Encounters 1 & 2. The selection is curated and beautifully varied (everything from Nosferatu to The Toxic Avenger to Jug Face to Antichrist ), the price is unbeatable (only $4.99 per month), and the Collections format is a real treat. From the new release 'Devil's Doorway' to classics like 'The Blair Witch Project,' here are nine found-footage chillers to stream this summer. I love crappy ghost/haunted house movies as well. Though this sub-genre is often unfairly judged as an ugly step-sister of legitimate horror, it actually holds some of the most innovative, interesting, and scary films in recent years. share. Here are the ten best found footage films that you can check out right now to jumpstart your horror-filled binge! Highly recommend! In this video I'll be exploring and ranking the greatest found footage movies of … The worst the better. Found footage films. Looking for some found footage films on shudder. Oliver Lyttelton. We covered Lake Mungo last year, but it’s one of the best films that the found footage genre has to offer.When their only daughter Alice drowns tragically, the Palmers begin experiencing strange phenomena in their home. September 14, 2016 1:09 pm. 13 Of The Best Films Streaming On Shudder Shudder is a recently launched AMC streaming service that offers exclusively horror films. Close • Posted by 4 minutes ago. Framed as a documentary, The Tunnel is an Australian found footage horror movie that follows a journalist, Natasha, and her crew into the depths of underground Sydney.When the New South Wales government abandons a project to harvest and recycle millions of liters of water flowing beneath the city, Natasha, alongside her camera crew, goes to the underground site to do some investigating. For a measly $5.99 a month, Shudder is a treasure trove of classics and modern movies sure to fill the horror void. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Demented Top Tens is the only Top Ten series to exclusively cover alternate cinema. no comments yet.

Gather much from our picks for the best horror movies on Shudder? Found Footage 3D (2D VERSION) That is one of the most cringe worthy combination of words I can imagine.

Be the first to share what you think! To help you sort through the mounds of mediocrity, here is a rundown of the best found-footage fright flicks, in descending order. This found footage possession film is rampant with jump scares, but it doesn’t cheapen the experience. Like most found footage movies, this is a slow burn, taking a long time to get where it’s going, but when it does get there, Goldthwait delivers the goods. The name of the program?