Armored Gorilla most likely correctly ascertained that Beast King could take out Genos fairly easily. Given that Genos vs DSK was mostly won due to foul play, I think the King of the Jungle beats the King of the Sea. The Forest King is the ninth of many "Kings" mentioned in the series, the others being the Subterranean King, the Beast King, the Deep Sea King, the Ancient King, the Underworld King (anime-only), the Sky King, the "second Sea King", and the Monster King.

The Kanji Ton in its name is the Kanonyomi for "Pig" (豚 Buta), referring to the monster's animal motif. Terrified of such a beast, the king left Noland to handle it by himself. Beast King was #2 for the House of Evolution but he never got an official threat level. The Deep Sea King defeats Puri Puri Prisoner.

Terrified of such a beast, the king left Noland to handle it by himself. Ancient King is the fourth of many "Kings" mentioned in the series, and the first one who was introduced in the anime before the manga, the others being the Subterranean King, the Beast King, the Deep Sea King, the Sky King, the King of the Underworld (anime-only), the "second Sea King", the Monster King, and the Forest King. Mumen Rider is sent flying by Deep Sea King and is caught by Saitama, who arrives just in time to save him.

Both Deep Sea King and Mosquito Girl were quicker than Genos but the former didn't have to be to get the best of him. After defeating the creature Raiga submerges and evidence of the battle washes ashore in the form of small devil bone fish. Tier: High 7-C | At least High 7-C. Name: Deep Sea King Origin: One Punch Man Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Humanoid sea monster, Demon-level threat Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Hand-to-Hand … Beast king seems to be more powerful than Genos before the upgrades. discussion. The Deep Sea King lands a hard blow on the hero's face, but Puri-Puri Prisoner strikes back in turn and follows the attack with an uppercut that sends Deep Sea King flying. Beast King's slash might not be strong enough to slice him apart. Overall, if Sea King's hydrated he should be able to win in a tough fight. 10. Sea Kings were the reason behind Dorry's and Brogy's contest to see who was the stronger warrior. Beast King was able to claw shockwaves into buildings which is kind of an impressive feat. Puri-Puri Prisoner has punches that should be able to topple a big building and Deep Sea King tanked them in his dehydrated form. Deep Sea King was struggling to even touch Sonic, who at the time was moving just at, and slightly above, the speed of sound. Below is just a single punch from Genos onto Deep Sea King, and DSK came back basically fine. Saitama vs. He also took an incineration cannon to the face and ended up with minimal damage. The Beast (Greek: Θηρίον, Thērion) may refer to one of two beasts described in the Book of Revelation.. If those two gets in a fight, who wins? Puri-Puri Prisoner challenges the Deep Sea King to a fight and powers himself up to "half power", which causes his sweater to rip, infuriating him. The Deep Sea King did punch through a shelter designed to survive a nuclear war, which is a fairly good indicator of his strength. Posted by. So I'm confident Deep Sea King could splatter Mosquito Girl with probably one slap like Saitama did. Along with the Sky King, Ancient King and Orochi, he is the only king not killed by Saitama. Raiga is an aquatic creature from the 2009 kaiju parody film, Raiga: The Deep Sea Monster.