For the Phantom assignments, see Battlefield 4 DLC Assignments For the jet fighter-bomber, see F-4 Phantom A Compound Bow is a modern bow and arrow system.

Operation Outbreak is a map featured in the Battlefield 4: Community Operations expansion that was released in October 2015.. Battlefield 4 – Das Phantom Programm geht in die nächste Runde. The full Phantom program is a string of assignments, which all need completion to obtain the full Phantom Operative grade and tag. YouTuber Ambient Flush recently explained how to unlock the Phantom Trainee challenge. The map is set in the Harau Valley of Indonesia, where a chemical warfare research facility is located. Complete Battlefield 4 Phantom Assignment Walkthrough / Tutorial DICE has included an Easter Egg spanning all of Battlefield 4’s DLC (except Second Assault) and it’s core game. — Battlefield (@Battlefield) August 11, 2014. If the pass code is accepted, you'll be granted access to the Phantom Program. Mit dem Release von Dragon´s Teeth hält auch die nächste Runde des Phantom Programms in Battlefield 4 Einzug. Battlefield 4 is known for its in-depth assignments and massive Easter egg hunts. The original way to unlock the Phantom, as well as the only way to unlock the Phantom Operative assignment, involves the player accessing the "Phantom room" on Hangar 21.In order to do this, the player must be a Premium member and have completed all previous Phantom assignments. Requirements: MUST BE PREMIUM! For Assignments in Battlefield 4's base game, see Assignments For Assignments in Battlefield 4's singleplayer, see Singleplayer Assignments The expansions of Battlefield 4 introduce dozens of new Assignments, functioning in the same manner as those featured in the base game. Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you’ve already completed the Phantom … (I was recently killed by a Phantom Bow and have been trying to figure it out) Here is a link to a guide I found. The boxes contain the premium dog tags for that map that are used to enter the Phantom Room. The Phantom Program is a series of assignments and secrets in Battlefield 4 found by players in search of information and Easter eggs, the method of completion has finally been solved once and for all. Eines der beliebtesten Dinge in Battlefield 4 war mit Sicherheit das Phantom-Programm bei dem es darum ging geheime Codes zu Knacken um sich am eigentlichen Ende des Programmes mit dem Phantom-Bogen zu belohnen.

Battlefield 4 is known for its in-depth assignments and massive Easter egg hunts. With the Battlefield 4 community discovering how to unlock the mysterious Phantom Prospect challenge after being stumped by it for some time, they’ve met the same problem with the latest Phantom Program challenge to appear, Phantom Trainee.. Until today.

0. I have a lot of people interested in doing it and interested in the Phantom program in general, but they don’t meet the requirements to do the elevator room or haven’t even started it at all. Published Dec. 11, 2013, 8:01 a.m. about Battlefield 4. by Bill Lavoy. How to Unlock the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4 Step by step instructions to unlock the Phantom Bow and Phantom Operative. It differs from traditional longbows and recurve bows in that it uses a levering system of pulleys and cables to bend the limbs. Enter in these Passwords: Phase 1 (Phantom Prospect): bumpinthenight Phase 2 (Phantom Trainee): epic dream worlds Phase 3 (Phantom Initiate): 24344241893 The way you input them is a very small and hard to see icon in Battlelog, at the "Leaderboards" Section. Full Phantom Program Guide Hey guys, I currently have a post that is gaining traction that is me looking for players to do the Phantom elevator room.