If the whole cheque book is lost, the consumer should immediately inform the police and close the account. Answer (1 of 21): REF # DATETHE CHIEF MANAGER Bank Name Bank Address Subject:Request for issuance of new Pass Book for A/C No.-----.Respected Sir, It is requested to issue a new pass book as I have lost my pass book.So it would be very nice of you if you very kindly issue a new pass book of My account holding account number----- and oblige.Thanks & best Regards,Yours Truly,your nameaddress Many banks will give the customer a new account number. Why you need to submit a request letter for getting new cheque book - an example I am having a saving bank account in one of the branch of KVB (Karur Vysya Bank). Standard Bank, Glasgow. Answer (1 of 11): The ManagerBank nameAddress Dear Sir, Sub : Request for cheque book Account No _____ This is to request you to please issue me with a cheque book of 25 leaves for account number _____held by your bank. Request for Issue of New Cheque Book. If cheque book is used up; then you request for New Cheque Book, from bank branch manager. Letter to Bank Manager for Issue of New / Reissue of Passbook A bank passbook is like a mini book with few pages which records in printed form each and every amount of money that was either deposited (credited) or withdrawn (debited) in your savings account maintained with that bank at … One day I wanted to get loan for my jewels and approached the bank to discuss with it. Informing the Bank Manager about a Lost or Stolen Cheque Book July 02, 2017 The Manager Name of Bank Branch Address. Dear Sir, I would like to point your attention to the above noted subject. From, Date (date on which letter is written) Here explain Request Application for New Cheque Book. How to Write a Cheque Cancellation Letter to Bank Manager ... so it is better to stop the payment on a lost or stolen cheque. Sub: Loss of Cheque Book against AC No: [insert account number]. Sample application to branch manager for issuance of cheque book/ check book against your account number and your name on the cheque book. This account is in the name of _____ and joint holder _____.The cheque book may be couriered to my address given below: Thank you, Yours faithfully, Recently I have found that my Cheque Book for the above account is missing. Dear Sir, I wish to apply for the subject purpose as I am an account holder in your bank for last five years. The bank may flag the account for special attention.

I am regular user of your debit card which has been … The Manager Operations . Here is a request letter for a bank statement template and sample letters that you can use to customize a request letter to your bank manager.