The album features the hit singles " Cochise ", " Show Me How to Live ", " What You Are ", " Like a Stone ", and " I Am the Highway ". It's a grandiose metaphor for his state …

He has a fear of death because of his past like a pagan he will pray to anything that will get him to Heaven But comes to the conclusion..In your house I long to be (Gods house)..I will wait for you there like a stone.. Bring 'Em Back Alive Lyrics: I was on my way to the center of the sun / When I lost my wings and I fell into a crowd / And they carried me to a hole in the ground / … He is lying to himself saying it doesnt remind him of anythin when in reality he know those are things that meant a lot (i dont want to learn what ill need to forget)
know as for the shapes and the flames and candles its just explaining how things are when you view them from his perspective, maybe an nonreligious one, and maybe the way life is. The shadow on the sun. The book he is referring to is the Bible he is reading it. Shadow on the sun. Shadow on the sun.

understands he needs forgiveness for all that he has done.
and can their be any sort of shadow on the sun?...i mean what does even the title mean? Shadow of the sun is one of Audioslave Album which release at November 19, 2002 and entered the Billboard 200 chart at position number seven after selling 162,000 copies in its first week. Shadow on the sun. Max, it could be argued, stops the cab because he is a good driver and likes to obey the rules of being a good driver, which has little meaning towards the story. Nothing can create a shadow on the sun, because the sun is the source of light which creates that shadow. Shadow on the sun. Sun. Pretty straight forward: You never know what life has in store for you, and there are such drastic differences in the experiences we all have, but all you can do is play the hand you were given and be the best you you can be. General CommentI think it's more about telling somebody that they need to spend some time by themself, all alone, before they get in to a relationship. The fact that he's refering to himself as "a shadow on the sun" is because he's found it impossible in himself to continue seeing this person, whatever their problem may be. But because nothing is brighter than our sun, a shadow cannot be created on it's surface.

For examplethe hippy movement (ilike colorful clothing in the sun) or religion itself (hammering nails and speaking in tongues). Its not drugs though. So the chorus says that: ''I am not your rolling wheels I am the highway'' I am not just someone to help you get away a little (I'm not just a getaway car, to paraphrase another great Audioslave song) I am much more than that. Audioslave's Audioslave Shadow on The Sun Lyrics music video in high definition.

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