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If you’re paying a powder coating company to coat your wheels for you, you can plan on paying around $250 to $520 for a base coat for rim sizes ranging from 13” to 26”. Powder Coating Prices. Given our powder transfer efficiency and the work size that we can process, this tends to be one of the most cost-effective powder coating methods.

Powder coating, not to be confused with electrostatic painting, uses a process of electrostatically charged or fluidized applications of a dry powder. – You’re about to find out.


Our ovens are more efficient and more cost effective to our competitors that produce the same higher caliber of gas fired ovens. Please Click Here for our Daily Status Updates concerning COVID-19.

Once applied, it’s baked in an oven above 385 degrees Fahrenheit to set, bond and cure the coat. Powder coating is a process that can improve the look of your wheels while reducing the overall cost of your aesthetics.

The Powder Coat Store is a powder coating supplier of top of the line powders, coating guns, high temp tapes, hooks, panels and supplies. So even though powder coating a lawn ornament may cost only $25, between labor fees and minimums, the cost will likely be closer to $100. *Disclaimer – These costs do not represent the actual costs of STP Performance Coating’s powder coating services. Flat rate $8 shipping! The powder coating provides ground particles that are made of specific pigments and resin. All prices below are estimates only. Of course, that’s for 3 million parts per year, or 12,000 per day. Extenders do not charge well like resin does !

Close menu. Electrostatic painting averages $60 per hour with a typical range of $55 to $75 per hour for on-site labor.

The Powder Coat Store is a powder coating supplier of top of the line powders, coating guns, high temp tapes, hooks, panels and supplies.
If you do not see a part listed that you would like to have powder coated, contact us. Powder coating most car parts will cost between $25 and $300, depending on the company you choose and whether you want to mail in the parts or go to a local shop. In order to keep IGP Powder Coatings running for you, we are doing all we can. Instead of paying for custom rims when they begin to look worn out, refinishing them by investing in this service can help them to make them look brand new once again. Prices are subject to change upon inspection.

How much does powder coating cost in New Zealand? Here, prices can range anywhere from as little as $10 for an alternator fan to as much as $200+ for car rims. We are fully operational. Each powder coater will have a variety of stock colors available, as well as a catalog of possible options. This document details the proper application and cure determination in order to insure maximum inter-coat adhesion between the primer and topcoat. Such as following government guidance and advice, and listening to our customers, colleagues and experts. Menu; Search ; Currency.

Now, if we’re referencing to powder coating the body of a vehicle, then the costs could be much more, often in the $400 to $1,500 range. FREE GROUND SHIPPING FOR ALL QUALIFYING U.S.A. ORDERS OVER $100. If it needs sandblasting first, the price rise to around $150.

For either electrostatic painting or powder coating, you’ll pay an average of $738 with a typical range of $411 and $1,125. US only.

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