Colleges and universities employ research specialists to conduct research or even assist with the development of on-campus policies and procedures regarding psychological research. Comparative Research Idea Development. 7 Highly Influenced Papers. This is a really accessible and practical guide to doing qualitative research. 4. Provides background information on psychological research in general, ethics, where ideas come from, and what is needed to do research. In the early 1970s, following widely publicized cases of research abuse, The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research was created to study issues surrounding the protection of humans in research. 37 Cite Methods. Braun, V. & Clarke, V. (2006). Cite. Psychology is a branch of medicine which mainly deals with the investigations of the functions, depths and complexities of the mind so as to get an understanding on why humans and even animals behave in the manner they do. Doing Social Psychology successfully conveys not only the rationale, key decisions and practicalities which every student should know but also communicates the excitement and commitment which makes for high quality research." Doing Psychological Research. For example, many people believe that staying up all night to cram for a big exam can actually hurt test performance. More specifically, psychological research is used to measure, describe, and categorize human behavior. Doing quantitative research in the social sciences: An integrated approach to research design, measurement and statistics. Carr, L. T. (1994). Playing next. Using Theories in Psychological Research Learning Objectives.

A way to avoid psychological harm is by having a researcher debrief the participants to ensure they do not suffer from continued psychological harm. For example, a research psychologist might devise rules and regulations pertaining to human or animal-based research in the psychology department. Provides background information on psychological research in general, ethics, where ideas come from, and what is needed to do research. Why Psychologists Do Research Abstract. This can result in understanding what might be called normal behavior. Conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic Advice from psychological researchers on protecting participants, animals and research plans. Explain how psychologists reevaluate theories in light of new results, including some of the complications involved. Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Social Psychology, LSE 3. Describe several ways to incorporate theory into your own research. Sage. 2. Save to Library. Request PDF | Doing Psychological Research | This is a clearly explained textbook covering both psychology-related research methods and methods of analysis.