Female Lab Names that Celebrate the Water Dog in All Retrievers. Chocolate Lab Names.

No matter what type of name you’re looking for, we have ideas to suit everybody. With their rich fur, hazel eyes and adorable face, Chocolate Labrador Retrievers are such beautiful creatures. Ripple - A disturbance in the water surface, or a fortified wine frequently enjoyed on Sanford and Son. A caution if gemstones are your theme.

Rouen - Brown duck with a claret breast. We have put together lists of lab dog names that serve as a great starting place …

This name also fits …

7 through 10 for Labs (Bailey, Abby, Lady and Shadow) were outside the top 10 on our popular puppy names list. This gentle and beautiful nature name means simply ‘hazel tree’ is a lovely choice for any Black Lab. Sometimes, you can see a dog’s soul through their eyes, especially labs who have such innocent faces.

Hopefully this list of black dog names will provide you with the perfect moniker for your pup, and if not, at least some solid inspiration. Think back in your life to the people and places that have been special to you.

Mambo - Female Bokor, high priestess of voodoo. Black and White Dog Names – Other Animals (Real and Cartoon) Mickey – Mickey Mouse is also a black and white creature, just like your pup! Black mambo is a venomous snake, and the code name for Beatrix Kiddo's character in Kill Bill.

You can find more name ideas using our dog name generator .

There maybe a wonderful name there. Amber: This is a really sweet choice for any female Labrador Retriever puppy. *More great choices: Brownie, Blondie Coco-Bella: She is a beautiful chocolate pooch!

Bali - A breed of duck.

The means "brownish-yellow” or "jewel" and is an appropriate title that would perfectly fit a yellow or golden coat lab. Here is a list to jumpstart your efforts. Juju - A magical talisman. So, if you are looking for a Chocolate Lab puppy name—female or male—read on to find your furry friend’s next moniker! Top 100 Black Lab …

Drift - To glide gently or a current in the water. Panda – This name is super cute for a black and white dog, especially one who is fluffy like a bear.

Not only are you lucky to welcome a black lab into your family, but it is likely that you are ready to pick them a super stellar name to match their lovable personality. Whether you want a funny black Lab name, a cute option, or something unique, we have some great ideas for black Labrador names. If you have a black Lab with a really great name, please sure to let us know as we are growing this list all the time. You might feel you just HAVE to get some in your pup's name and Rubies are quite expensive. Our Favorite Labrador Names

Black Lab names can be cute, unique, funny, or cool. ; Minnie – So is Minnie Mouse.How cute is this for a female black and white dog? Sometimes, you can see a dog’s soul through their eyes, especially labs who have such innocent faces. Black Magic Names for Female Black Labs Bokor - Voodoo high priest or priestess. I did commission some Jet jewellery.

Also, once you meet your new puppy, their personality may be the best indicator of the perfect name. Several other top female puppy names failed to make the top10 Lab mix at all: Luna, Lola, Zoey and Sophie.

Female chocolate Lab names. Jet is a semi-precious, glossy black stone used for making jewellery and my Grandmother had a Jet necklace so Jet was feminine for me.

Vamp - Female vampire and a burlesque routine.
If this is the type of dog you’re getting, here are Chocolate Labrador names you just might like: Black Lab Names for Boys and Girls You've come to the right place. The dog name showed us some more adorable human female dog names too. Flare - When a flock of birds abruptly changes direction. Soul – This is a great name for a male or female lab.

Names are a personal preference and, like naming your children, you are the best person to name your Labrador. Email us your great black Lab names for puppies. Ace Adham Adrien Angus Annis Arlo Bagheera Bear Black Bird /… Black Lab names are a great way to show off just how beautiful your Labrador Retriever’s coat is. Of course, that means that several top 10 female Labrador names didn't rank so highly when it came to the 2015 puppies: Nos. Keep reading to choose from 400 awesome ideas! Hugo; Meaning ‘intellect’, this fancy sounding name would be great for the intelligent Labrador.

Naming a new black Lab puppy?

It’s important that the chocolate Labrador name you choose for your pup perfectly reflects her personality. And of course she was black.

Coming up in this article, we have compiled lists of awesome Labrador names specifically for certain characteristics, such as black Lab names, yellow Lab names, chocolate Lab names, male or female Lab names, as well as names with a variety of inspirations. Jet is much cheaper.

Black Labradors have the wonderful friendly, affectionate personality of the Lab, housed in gorgeous dark fur. Jynx - a spell cast to bring about a negative outcome.