It offered as good or better energies than the .348, and the .358 was housed in a modern lever-gun built to accommodate scopes. Comparing a 35 Rem to 358 Win is about the same as comparing 30-30 Win to 308 Win. in a 15" Encore vs. the .35 Rem.

"An elk don't know how many feet a horse has" - Bear Claw Chris Lapp Whatever the 35 Remington can do the 358 Winchester can to it better and from longer ranges.The 35 Remington rifles are generally alot more affordable as well as the ammo. OP. L. lcw OP. The big lever guns are cool and have made a … So far, I know the main advantage of .35 Whelen over .358 Win is the .35 Whelen factory ammo is more readily available. Years ago it was extremely popular with our East Coast brethren. He is a big fan of .35 caliber cartridges, and was looking for a short, light rifle, but was torn between the .358 Winchester and the .350 Remington Magnum.So, let’s look at the battle between the short-action .35s and examine the pros and cons of each. Speed doesn't kill, shot placement does. As does using the right projectile. Surviving .35-caliber cartridges introduced as factory offerings include the .35 Remington (1906); .356 Winchester (1980); .358 Winchester (1955); .35 Whelen (1987); and .350 Remington Magnum (1965). [1]Ver também.308 Winchester.35 Remington.348 Winchester; Família 9mm de calibres; Famílias de calibres I live land hunt in Mississippi. My current rifle is a TC pro hunter with a MGM 35 Remington barrel. The .35 Rem. If only factory loads are on your agenda, then I would stick with the 35 Remington because of cost per box and availability of factory loads. Campfire Regular. If you hand load, the .358 Win is the way to go. To appease those hunters who wanted more punch, Winchester offered a necked-up .35-caliber version of the .308, the .358 Win.

A reader of this series wrote in, asking for this one in particular.

Although I was young at the time I can still recall the almost insane promotion of cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Magnum. It created a round more powerful than the .35 Remington and .348 Winchester. I've always enjoyed shooting pistol bullets out of my .35 rifles for fun and speeeeeeed! BLR's go new for about 700 ish. Now to the big bears. THE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO LONG RANGE HUNTING RIFLES Successful long range hunting requires an accurate rifle. A used one in 90% condition would go for likely $500 unless there is some weird collector value in that caliber. The 2019 SHOT Show saw the release of the latest cartridge from Winchester: the 350 Legend. Back years ago, Elmer Keith no less, touted 35 Rem as great big game medicine. vs .356 Win? Depending upon the bullet, expect at least 200-300 fps more from the .358 Win. SUBSCRIBE. Over the last decade or so, Mississippi has changed primitive weapon seasons to accept modern single shot rifles chambered .35 cal and above. In any case, this is a good fast killing woods bullet. So if a .35 Rem is moose medicine, the .358 Win & .35 Whelen ought to be more that good enough for everything in North America. Posts: 267. There were numerous .35-caliber rifle cartridges born in the 20th century, but most of them didn’t live to see the dawning of the 21st century. Like the Hornady round nose this bullet is designed for the slower .35 Remington, yet it excels in the .358 Winchester when used for snap shooting lighter bodied deer at close ranges. This bullet produces a wide exit wound and will handle raking shots but is not ideally suited to tail on shots. The .358 Win. I do have knowledge of the .35 Rem. I feel the .358 Winchester would have made a much greater impact had it not come in a time when magnum mania was running rampant. I probably won't shoot past 250-300 yards anyway, so I'm not sure this is a true advantage for me.
Balistically the nod would likely go to the 358. in a 14" Contender. The relationship in performance between the .358 Win and the .35 Whelen is similar to that between the .308 Win and the .30-06. graymustang likes this.

O cartucho também é conhecido na Europa como 9.1x51mm. They all work. This actually is a great cartridge as is its "parent" the .35 Whelen (.30-06 case with a .35 caliber bullet).

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles draws on the vast experience of Nathan Foster and provides a completely fresh approach to …