Getting Engaged Is Just The Begining

So you just went through all the stress of coming up with coming to grips with the commitment, forking over a pile of money for an engagement ring, and then coming up with a creative proposal idea. It's over right? Think again my friend, it's just the beginning!

Your first hint should be that the first thing you'll hear after sharing the good news with folks is "did you set a date yet?". Planning a wedding can be a long and involved process. In fact, in some markets in order to get your ideal choice of reception halls, churches, or entertainment you often have to book 12-18 months in advance.

Another thing you may want to consider is if you're planning on getting engaged in a church and don't currently attend, start attending the church of your choice now. Many perishes require that you've been a member for 6-12 months before getting married there.