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Marriage Proposal Planner Gets A Surprise of Her Own!

Stacey Asaro is a Marriage Proposal Planner in New Orleans, LA. Her company, Project Proposal, helps create and plan unique engagement stories for clients around the world.

A Surprise BuzzFeed Proposal

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Stephen proposes to Jessica in this surprise proposal at the BuzzFeed studio. Stephen partnered with The Yes Girls who help plan marriage proposals.

The surprise in-flight proposal

It was the Fourth of July weekend, exactly one year after Christy and I had first met.

Project Proposal- NOLA's First Marriage Proposal Planner

There are few life milestones as important as getting married. And proposing is a big part of the marriage experience.

Kellie & Greg, The Sunset on the Beach Story

“All I remember was saying, ‘Oh my God, GET UP! Get up!! This isn’t really happening, Greg, get up!’”

Kellie & Greg, The Sunset on the Beach Story