We got engaged in New York 2012

We were in New York on holidays. We had planned to go to the Rockafeller Centre at night so we could see all the lights of the city.The views were amazing and we took lots of photos! My feet were killing me from all the walking all day and I decided to call it a day and go home after about half an hour of taking in the views. He then suggested that we sit down on a near by bench to rest my feet before walking home which I was very glad of. I was chatting about how I have to start getting fit after the holiday and get back into shape when suddenly he pulled out a box from his pocket and said 'well your gonna have to get even fitter, will you marry me?'!!!! He didnt go down on one knee and Im glad that he didnt because there was a big crowd and I didnt want everyone looking at us! I was shocked! What a suprise it was and I didnt notice or sespect a thing!
We are getting married in two years :)