The Ultimate Proposal


Wesley and I got introduced by one of my friends at church one day, and since then have developed a wonderful relationship and shared so many memories! His proposal was incredible and caught me totally off guard!

We ate lunch on Thanksgiving day with Wesley's family in Tennessee. Afterwards, we watched TV and napped (at least I did). Then around four o’clock, Wesley said he wanted to get out of the house and drive around or something, so I said I'd go with him. We drove through the mountains a little bit and down the valley...meanwhile I was texting and talking on the phone, not having any clue what was about to happen. We drove around for about 20-30 minutes and ended up in downtown Jonesborough in a parking lot across from the gazebo. He started to get out and said, "Let's go take some pictures." Suspiciously, I got out of the car and said "ok". So we walked up to the gazebo and waiting there was a vase with roses and a white balloon attached. I asked Wes, "Did you do this???" and he just acted like he had no idea what it was and looked for a note. Then he said, "I think you need to pop the balloon!". So, I popped the balloon and rose petals fell out and there was a note. I kept saying "Are you serious?!". So I bent down, picked up the note and opened it - it read "Will You Marry Me?" He then got down on his knee and said "Kristina, will you marry me?" and opened a white box with a beautiful diamond ring inside. And I said "Yes! Yes! Yes!" with tears in my eyes! It was an amazing, unforgettable moment and so far the best moment of my life...until the day I get to say "I do" to Wes in December!