The night to remember!

Chris and I were asked to attend a friends band at a fine restruant. We been having problems for the last couple of months so this was our first night out for a while. We arrived and of course I have already eatin so I didnt order any food. Chris seemed like he was staving. He said I sould order something. But I didnt. I had a couple of beer talking to some of his friends from work. Chris asked me "who is that over there." I looked and noone was there. I turned back around called him a name. Then everyone was looking at me for some reason. Chris leaned in and said look down there on the bread plate in front of me was this spectacular ring. I started to cry. He leaned in and asked me to marry him. I said yes. Then shortly after the band annoucned our engagement to the whole place. It was just to perfect. I am still in awww.