nellie and pjs engagment story

when i decided i wanted to be with my fiance forever ,i wanted it to be perfect and romantic i thought about it day and night until i finally got the corage to do it. so one day i went to the jewlry store and picked out his ring,but i still waited until i felt it was the right time,so one day i decided while he was at work i would get everything ready , so i went and bought sented tea light candels and the perfect lingerie to wear, so when he got home from work i had his dinner ready so he could eat and when he was done i gave him his clothes so he could take a shower, and while he was doing that i went into the room and lit all the tea lites i had spread all over the room and touched up my make up and put on my perfect outfit for this occasion and waited for him to come in and when he did he kind of was anticipating what was gonna happen so i sat up right in front of him and looked into his his eyes and told him i loved him very much and wanted to be with him forever and if he would mary me and my daughter myah and he said yes!and thats why i love him so much. my hubbie to be