My Cosplay Marriage Proposal

The reason the proposal happened at NYCC wasn't for The NERDIST to tape it, it was for the extra tickets. NYCC sold out fast and I wanted her dad to be there to witness it. She is very close with her father and for the first time ever in her life, he's moving out West next year, so I wanted him to witness this. I wanted to show her that he will always be with her. Originally I wanted her two sisters, Lizzie and Mel to attend as well but sadly they already had prior engagements and were gutted that they could not attend, but they sent a "Congrats!" picture seconds after the proposal happened.

The reason I chose NYCC was that it just seemed right. That is where the geek/nerd side came in. If you're into sports, some sport fans propose at a stadium, ya know? The reason we love our signifigant other are reasons that many folks don't see, those times where it's just the two of you, whether if you are both happy or sometimes if you are scared. That is when it matters. But the nerd stuff we have in common is huge. Like I said in the video, when she started talking about Calvin and Hobbes I was sold. Hobbies tend to be looked down on, but that is what makes the world fun. To share the same interests is very important in any realtionship. And yes, I KNOW I'm a lucky guy. That's why I proposed fellas. ;)

Life is hard and we all lose sight of those around us that love us. That day was for her, to show her that she is loved by family, friends and me.