Museum Dreams

My birthday fell on a Monday this year and being a high school teacher, there was no opportunity to celebrate that day having to wake up early the following morning. My birthday also falls during the Thanksgiving holiday break so my fiancé decided that we would celebrate my birthday on that Friday, due to school being closed, by attending the Buffalo Museum of Science and then to a nice dinner. I have always enjoyed museums and was excited to go, especially because I had known he hadn’t been to this particular museum since he was a young boy. We arrived at the museum and began walking around. It was a wonderful early afternoon, although chilly, as we walked around the different exhibitions. We came to the Rocks and Gemstones exhibit and I knew he would be excited to walk around there because he enjoys collecting fossils and geodes as a hobby. I walked along ahead looking at all the different stones and rocks. As I approached one of the long cases I realized that toward the end of the glass case there was some sparkle. I thought to myself, ‘wow, they have a real diamond in here.’ I walked to that end of the case and looked in at a gorgeous diamond ring in this very beautiful silver ornate box. As I was admiring the ring I happened to glance at the small paper lying next to it, which was nothing out of the ordinary for this exhibit, and happened to fall upon my name and his name toward the bottom of the print. My heart skipped a beat and I turned to him in disbelief. While I fell into Adam’s chest shaking slightly, the curator, who stood nearby, started to unlock the case to retrieve the box with my engagement ring as Adam asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and that was the beginning of the rest of our life together. I later found out that everyone on the museum staff knew about the plan and that Adam had set it up convincing the curator to help him and when I began to think back earlier that day at the museum it dawned on me that we were being followed by staff wondering if he had asked me! This was such a perfect day for me and I am so thrilled to become Adam’s wife.