Hot tubbing

Tom and me.jpg

My fiance decided to propose to me in a fun, spontaneous way, but he had no idea how fun and spontaneous it would be! We were soaking in the hot tub at his parents' house, and as I was getting out to go back inside, he grabbed my hand and asked me to come back in for a couple minutes. I put my hand on the edge of the hot tub to get back in, and my hand landed right on the button to turn the jets on. He happened to be sitting on the foot rest of the lounge part of the tub, right on top of one of the jets! He jumped up faster than I imagined possible! After we stopped laughing, he kissed me, got down on one knee, still in the water, pulled the ring out of his pocket (I didn't know swimming trunks had pockets!) and said, "Will you marry me?". I (very romantically) screamed and said, "Well duh!" We decided that if our engagement story is this funny, what can we expect out of our marriage?