Chris Pops the Big Question in Niagara Falls

just engaged.jpg

Chris worked very hard to plan the perfect vacation to Niagara Falls this past October. I did not expect anything because we had airline vouchers that were expiring soon and we wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been. He suggested Canada and he planned the entire trip. As we went through the airport security, Chris' bags were searched and he was getting very anxious. I just figured that he was nervous because it was taking so much time and he did not want to miss the flight. Little did I know, there was a diamond ring in his backpack. They took everything out of his backpack right in front of both of us(except for a ring box). Chris later told me that he thought he was going to have to propose in the airport because he knew they would pull out the ring. We think the airport security must have known what was going on because he left ONLY the ring box in Chris' backpack.

We arrived to Niagara Falls and it was more beautiful than we ever imagined. Our hotel room was amazing as it overlooked Falls and the view was breathtaking. We went to dinner at The Skylon Tower, a revolving restaurant that overlooks the city and the Falls. After dinner we took a walk along the boardwalk of the Falls. I was busy taking in the scenery and snapping a lot of pictures. Before I knew it, Chris was popping the big question. Of course the answer was YES!!! After he put the ring on my finger, we continued to stroll along the Falls. The next day,we found out that the Fall Chris proposed in front of was called "Bridal Veil Falls."(He had no idea) How appropriate! We got back to our hotel and there was champagne, the fireplace was on and the jacuzzi was filled with bubbles. He really thought of everything. The night was perfect!

The entire trip everyone, from the tour director to the concierge, was asking us if we were on our honeymoon! We would laugh and explain that we just got engaged! The rest of our vacation was a blast. We road the Maid of the Mist and we stood on the Hurricane Deck of the American Falls as we got soaking wet. There was a different color poncho for every tour. We took a drive on the Niagara Parkway and visited the Wine Country.

As we all know, all good things must come to an end. We ended our vacation sitting in the hotel room in front of the fire with a bottle of wine overlooking the illuminated Falls as they changed colors. We decided rather than calling everyone to tell them our exciting news, we would to share our engagement with our family and friends through postcards. We sat up all night writing postcards and drinking wine and even watched the sunrise over the Falls.