Modern Alternatives To Asking Her Father's Permission

If, like many modern groom’s, you feel that a man to man conversation to determine the future of your girlfriend is a little chauvinistic, there are some other ways you can give a nod at tradition and still show your respect for her family. Here are three possible options:

Ask For Father’s Blessing

Rather than asking for permission from your future father-in-law, you could ask for his blessing instead. Although the difference is quite subtle it does change your approach. Instead of asking if you are allowed to propose to his daughter, you are simply telling him that you plan to propose and asking him to support your engagement.

Ask Both Parents Together

In modern society, the bride’s mother may feel that she should have as much say in her daughter’s future as the father. Arranging to speak to both parents together and asking them both about the engagement takes the pressure off the father and acknowledges the mother’s role too.

Ask Your Girlfriend First

Instead of approaching your girlfriend’s father before the proposal to ask for permission, you could ask your girlfriend to marry you first, and then before you make the engagement public or start wearing rings you could visit both sets of parents together and ask for their blessing. Visit the bride’s parents first to maintain some tradition.