Engagement Videos

Myra's Birthday Pinata Proposal

On June 16, 2012 I planned a 31st Birthday Party for Myra. She had no clue what was going on. We invited our family and friends.

Man Slays A Dragon For Proposal

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Ok, so he doesn't really slay a dragon...but a LEGO character of himself does! Here is a wonderful stop motion video in which a man recreates several scenes.

Flash Band Marriage Proposal - Bryant Park - New York City

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Craig proposes to his girlfriend Allison at Bryant Park in New York city. The proposal starts off with a Flash Mob, but then adds a touch that we haven't seen before....a full marching band!

Spider-Man Proposal

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James (er, Spider-Man) proposes to his girlfriend Shailee. Shailee was enjoying the Downtown Provo Dance Walk when confronted by multiple "attackers". Thankfully, Spider-Man was there to rescue her.

Nashville Night To Remember

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Clayton proposes to Anna after having dinner in downtown Nashville.