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7 Years In Waiting

My now wife, then girlfriend, had dated for 7 years before I had the courage to propose to her. I’m not sure why I waited so long, perhaps it was a feeling of insecurity or maybe commitment.

Most Elaborate Engagement Ever

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This is the most elaborate engagement I have ever seen.

British Man's Flash Mob Train Proposal

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A brilliantly put together proposal on the 19:57 from Euston.

Man Races Teddy In Romantic Baseball Proposal

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A man proposes to his girlfriend in Nationals Park. It's not only romantic, but funny as well.

How I made my fiancee cry for 15 minutes straight

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The video tells the story better than I do, but essentially, I wrote a song for my (now) fiancee, Cindy, made a video for her, and used it to propose to her in front of our friends in New Jersey.