You and Me

It was a late night after the usual late nite drive home from a lifehouse concert. I was staring ahead at the endless yellow lines on the highway, my navigation system in the next seat dead to the world. I looked out upon the road and it hit me, this burst of energy, of life. At that moment I knew if I could go home to Danielle everyday of my life I would be the happiest I ever have been. It was at that moment I had decided, I needed to ask Danielle to marry me. I texted my buddy Joe, I'm going to do it. He replied "do what," even though he already knew the answer. As I drove on texting at probably way too early in the morning, I devised a plan.

Jump to March 17th:
It was all set, the band knew I was coming and had planned for me to propose during You and Me. I was going insane, I wanted to make sure the night was perfect. I had set out my clothes the night before, and wanted to dress up for the proposal. Of course I couldn't go full on suit because I think that would have given it away. Instead I threw on a tie, rather loose around the neck to give a punk kind of look. (yes, I know I'm a guy and this discussion of clothes is a little weird I know. It will make sense later, trust me)I had to carry the ring in a small pocket in my jeans. I checked the pocket a million times to make sure there was no hole or way that this ring was going to suddenly disappear.
With ring in pocket and looking exceptionally spiffy (I might say) I set out with Linsey, Nicole and Danielle to House of Blues. I blasted the music in my car on the way in hopes to drown out any conversation that might lead to hints of the proposal. (Sorry Linsey and Nicole, sometimes you can have a big mouth.) On the way, my phone rang. I looked down and it was Ben from the band. I picked up, trying to play off it was someone else. No need to get people excited about Ben calling. So I spoke with him for a few minutes acting as if it was someone else. He confirmed plans were all in the works and that Jay was going to stop the show for me to propose. Awesome!I hung up with him as we saw him walking down the streets of Chicago. The girls went crazy, little did they know I had just been speaking with him like 5 minutes before.
We got to the House of Blues and left the car with the valet. As we walked towards the front we ran into the man himself, Mr. Jason Wade. He asked quietly if I was ready for tonight, which Danielle assumed he was referring to the concert itself. We knew better though and I just shot the yes, but I'm about to pee my pants look. Don't ask what that looks like, I'll probably show it off again right before I get married.
We went inside the HOB to grab a bite before the show, and to ensure we had an upfront position at the show. I convinced the ladies that since most shows are ninety percent female it would be better to let me stand in front so that I could save an upfront spot for us. They agreed and let me stand in the front of the line. As soon as they let us in I walked briskly to the front, as you cannot run. I mean you might trip and be trampled by thousands of concert goers or worse, stub your toe.
Anyways, I stood up front waiting for the girls to get in. They had probably about ten to fifteen girls in front of them so they would be a few more minutes. I started to talk to the other members of the audience and let them know I planned to ask my girlfriend to marry me so I would have to let her in front of me. They all congratulated me and said of course. I mean what were they going to say. Absolutely not, if you let her up here we are going to kick and scream and form a mega groupie strike. I doubted it.
The ladies made their way to the front and we positioned ourselves, Danielle in front of me, Nicole and Linsey flanked either side. As the show started I kept reaching in my pocket to see if the ring was still there. I just kept worrying that it would magically disappear. Maybe a small leprechaun would reach into the tiny pocket and steal it. I know its a ridiculous tought. Leprechauns only go after gold and random shaped marshmallows.
After about 2 songs into the concert I began to get hot. Like crazy ridiculous nervous hot. I knew if I left to get water I was not going to get my spot back. The place was packed. I decided to do what every sensible person on this earth does. I complained. Immediately Danielle tells me, "maybe you shouldn't have worn that shirt and tie. What were you thinking." Well, I don't know maybe I was thinking, hey I'm about to ask the love of my life to marry me. It might be nice if I dressed up a little.
All that came out, however, was "You know, I gotta look good for the band. haha" Of course she dismissed my statement quickly as me being me and didn't press the issue.
The concert went on, Lifehouse played their usual set. I tried to do my usual concert rocking out thing and all but I kept checking for the ring. Hard to jump up and down when you are reaching into your pocket every five seconds.

Then it came...

I knew "You and Me" was next. I knew it was almost time. I waited for my que and it came:
Jason played the first few chords to You and Me and stops.
"Before we play this next one we wanted to say something. We have a good fan in the audience. He's been to a lot of shows and has been a great friend. He wants to ask a girl a question tonight. Dustoid."
As he finished the last sentence I had fallen to one knee. Danielle was still facing the stage. I fished out the ring from my pocket and held it to her. She was still facing the stage when I turned her around with my free hand. She looked down and I asked again "will you marry me?"
As a look of pure shock came over her, she replied "are you for real?"
I stayed knelt on the floor of the house of blues and said absolutely and she said "yes." I got up and put the ring on her finger and she hugged me tighter than she had ever hugged me before. Jason asked from the stage, "Well, did she say yes?" which I replied in my casual sarcasm no she said no.