Years in the Making

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now. Our first date was on my eighteenth birthday (but he didn't know that it was my birthday). Ever since I was in high school, I have wanted to go to school to become an art conservator. This is a long, tough road, which involves chemistry, art history, and studio art classes as well as many internships before you can even apply to one of the THREE programs in the US. My boyfriend has been so incredibly supportive throughout the entire process, and he is proud of me. I am in my senior year of undergrad, and getting ready to apply to my program (I want to go to the one in Buffalo). My boyfriend is a musician, and his band is really starting to take off lately, more than we ever thought it would. I am just as proud of him as he is of me.

We always have had a joke that when he is going on tours around the country with his band, then we will have enough money to get married, and would propose to me on stage during a concert so that everyone would know he had finally reached his goal. He knows the Tacori ring I have picked out as my dream (out-of-our-price-range) ring, and he is determined to become a rock star and be able to buy it for me.

My dream proposal (really, I actually had a dream about it), would be for his band to be doing a tour during my last year of my program at Buffalo, and do a show in that city. I would come to the show, of course. I dreamt that my boyfriend would do what he always said he would, and propose to me on stage during his concert.