Wonderful Weekend

I am studding to be an English teacher and in one of my classes we were encouraged to freewrite throughout the week. When I got engaged a few of my classmates encouraged me to get down all of the details. This is my multi-genre take on one of the most memorable experiences in my life!

Wonderful Weekend
The weekend began on a really good note. I received good news, went to a ladies night, and had plans to spend my entire Saturday with my awesome boyfriend of two and half years. I went to bed Friday night not knowing that my relaxing Saturday with Tim would change my life forever. For some reason I felt very happy and rested when I woke up on Saturday and spent the morning doing homework. My mom seemed a bit sentimental on Friday and Saturday but I ignored it not wanting to get my hopes up that he had asked for permission. I was rushing around getting things together when he came and then we were off, just like any other date, any other day. We went to one of our favorite places to go when we have free time called Grings Mill. After driving twenty minutes, holding hands and talking about our weeks we parked in the perfect spot where we could see a beautiful snow-covered valley and could spot the pretty river still flowing. Tim seemed quiet as we sat in the car chatting for a few minutes. He then suggested that we go for a walk before we ate the lunch we had packed. So we started walking and noticed that many of the trails were still covered in snow. Tim seemed like he wanted to walk more so he lead me to the main bridge and we looked at the water and watched some of the ducks. He then lead me to the end of that beautiful, old, stone bridge and when we reached the other side he stopped in front of me and said, “I have something for you”. He then pulled an old black mint box with the inscription Prom 2007 from the first time we ever went out together. “Here, there’s something inside for you.” I looked up at him, feeling a little shaky and opened that little box and inside was a very pretty ring!

Tim: Will you marry me?
Sara: Really?!
Tim: Yes, really!
Sara: Ooooo! (shrieks, jumps up and down) put it on, put it on!
Tim: (Slips it on my finger)

We then hugged and kissed and I continued to freak out, not believing that this time had finally come. We took a few pictures, realizing that no one was around while he proposed which made it that much more romantic. A few minutes’ later two women were walking by and offered to take a picture for us, which was nice. After hanging out for a while we began to notice the brisk February air so we headed back to the car. As we walked he looked at me and said, “so …was that a yes?” We laughed and I responded, “yes that was a yes!”

Long walk
To that bridge
Memories in our boxes
Future in basements and garages

Seasons we have gone through
Some good some tough
Have brought us to this bridge
Here we are, finally moving forward