Well it actually started the week before we got engaged. It was a Friday in September of 2008, Will came home said lets go somewhere nice to eat so lets get dressed up nice! After dating for 2 1/2 yrs and we just moved in together a few months before that I knew tonight was the night! So I dressed up as so did he, we went to a amazing mexican restraunt (theres not to much to pick from in our tiny town) after we ordered our food he bent down on one knee and I was already stumbling on my words!......then he looked up and said "what....I am tieing my shoe!" I was so mad, embarssed and not to mention the whole restraunt has noticed, the men were lauging the wifes were mad! For the next week I was so mad at him.

At work the next week my boss came up asking if I could hold the ring keys (ring sizers) while she ran a errond, while waiting for a guest I played around with them unitl I found the right size, right after she ran over grabed the keys and headed off to jewerly, I wasn't thinking of anything. That Friday Will called from work asking if I wanted to go for Japensse in Daytona, I said no even though I love it, but finally I called into work saying I was sick. He came home asked if I would go put gas in the car while he took a shower, so I did, when I came back he was still in his work clothes and I was kind of ticked because I was hungry and it was getting a little late. He asked what I was wearing so pulled out a skirt, heels, and a cute top. Then he asked what jewerly, I thought this was weird because he never cares what I wear out to eat and he knows I hardly ever wear jewerly except for a neckless. While looking through my necklesses he slid a open box in front of me and said "why don't you wear this!" I jumped up and was speechless for about 5 minutes. Then finally I said YES! After the crying, shaking and stuttering I started calling all my friends and family. It turned out while I was getting gas he was calling my dad for permission! When I went back to work, everyone already knew, because he was at the jewerly counter waiting for the ring keys to come back so he would know my size!

We finally got married August 7th 2010, and we could never be any happier!!