Top Secret Itinerary "Operation Yes!"

After what I thought was a planned trip to Boston for the weekend together, Josh had planned and hid a "Top Secret Itinerary" which he planned out everything...differently. We spent the day in Boston then he drove me out to Cape Cod and we got on the Ferry over to Martha's Vineyard where he had reservations and a fun filled weekend instead. Both of us are physical education teachers and thought it natural that we rode our bikes around the island, but he was very adamant that we hike to a lighthouse lookout point another mile or so on the beach. It was worth it since it was the most gorgeous secluded spot on the beach where he proposed. I was completely surprised since it was a Sunday afternoon and thought he had done such a great job just surprising me with the change of the trip (which was so much more fun and more like us then Boston). The ring is more than I could have imagined and love Josh not only for such a great trip and ring, but for how well he knows me and how much fun we have together and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!