Tom n Liz

Her Side of the Story
On March 14, 2008. Tom and I were planning to do a Disneyland Date. So when we got there we got our new season passes and the nice lady gave me a button that read "Happy Birthday Liz from Where Dreams Come True" I was so happy, I got a pass and a cute button. We started at Tomorrowland and rode the Buzzlight Year Ride and Star Tours. Then we wondered around going on different rides till we ended up at the Indiana Jones line. While we are waiting in line Tom says to me that he wants to go get food right away. I looked at the line and we did have a ways to go. So I was like okies lets go. We start to leave the park, Tom says to me "Hey Gladys is doing a TJ run and wanted to know if I wanted any candy" I thought "Hell yeah del la rosa’s. So we get our hands stamped and walked out. Tom walked towards the middle of Disneyland and California Adventure. I asked him where u wanna eat at cali or downtown?? He took a while to respond so I said well think about where u want to eat while I look around. Then Thomas comes to me and says

I love you, and we’ve been together for 7yrs and I want you to know that I will do anything for you

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him..I was speechless, and thinking really like for real? All that came out of my mouth was HAI which means yes. He put his hand in his pocket and opened up a box with a ring in it. He placed the ring on my finger and I heard a lot of clapping and some ppl saying yeah. I look at tommy and looked to my side and saw Chris, Gladys, James, Val, Robert "Sal", and Alieen Taking pictures and video taping everything. They yelled out hey did she say yes?!? I was so shocked and happy that I didn’t say anything. Tommy was like yes she said yes. They All congradulated us and we all hugged and laughed.

By the next day I woke up and thought wow that was a nice dream, but I looked on my hand and saw my beautiful engagement ring and I just couldn’t stop smiling

His Side of the Story
On Wednesday 3/12, I’d gone to my dwelling of scholastic learningz doing my usual shiznic: Get to skool 2hrs early, fill my human belly with breakfast, study and head to class. Well while getting to class, I saw that the class was temperarily destroyed (SWEET!). I thought this was perfect, now I can go get Lizette a nice Bday present, so I head out to hit up the Northridge area.

While looking for her present, I went into the Northridge Mall to see what I could find and hit up every domain of mindless currency torching I came across. It was after going through about 12 stores I realized I was looking in the wrong places. So I started at this sorry excuse of target for a wild bull attack called Crest: nice place, real shiney, but I didn’t find anything worth wielding my smelly paper at, so I tried a much shinier more irritating place (Bembridge). The human slave that tried to serve my interest in purchasing a pretty piece of metal was at a creepy level of happy, so I decided to LEAVE! I then tried Kay jewelers, found the ideal gift I was looking for, and bought it...though it’s not for her Bday.

2days later, Friday 3/14: I am itching to give liz her present, but I had to return to skool for another session. After class, Liz and I set a course for this thing called the happiest place on earth. We run around the park for a good several hrs while I check to see what the progress was on for my friends Chris, Gladys, Robert, Ailene, James and Valaria. Liz just thought that it was going to be just me and her touring around, but thanks to Gladys...she brought up the idea to come over and record everything. I had told them of my plans for conquest and they wanted to be there to witness the glory of the moment. So it’s 8pm and I call up my friends to see where they were and they said that they were almost to the entrance and asked me how much time I needed to get in between Disney and CA Adventure. 5mins was all I needed. So I convinced Lizette to get out of line of one of the rides to go "eat" and pull her through what felt like the biggest crowd of stink creatures I had gone through. 5mins later, we’re there right the center. I didn’t see anyone yet, so I stalled as much as I could before she got suspicious and thought I had the brain worms. Then at the corner of my eye, there they I waited until I saw the recording light for one of the cameras, and told Liz:

I love you, and we’ve been to gether for 7yrs and I want you to know that I will do anything for you

I got down onto one knee and asked her to marry me...she was speechless for a moment and then finally her response was "hai"(Japanese for YES). I was so happy that my wonderful girlfriend for 7yrs has now become my fiance