"From Then To Now"

How We Met:
Ever heard of the busy little bee? Well, that was Mychal when we were younger. I remember him as the little boy that would not stop moving. But he remembers me as his childhood crush. We went to the same church together and our families (mothers and aunts) knew each other quite well and of course we always saw each other at church. During those days, I never paid much attention to Mychal, but it was quite the opposite for him. For six years, week after week and month after month we saw each on a regular basis. I never said much to him and he thought I was mute (I think). It wasn't until we were about 12 or 13 that life took us in different directions. With his family moving to North Alabama, I never thought I'd see Mychal again, especially since my mother and I had moved to another church (way on the other side of town). So the years went by and we grew older, more mature, and more womanly and manly (if you will). Soon after I graduated in 2003, I saw Mychal again and my what a man he was! I was walking through the lobby of our new facility at church and he walks towards me. We didn't really recognize each other initially, but when we did it was kind of a "hey look at you" moment. I know it was for me because as soon as I got outside I called my friend to say, "Girl, guess who I just saw!" Mychal was a pleasure to behold and my eyes wanted to behold more of him. Yes ma'am...he was handsome. But I never thought we'd end up happily ever after. Things changed quickly. In 2005 we began hanging out with a group of young adults from the church. We'd have Sunday gatherings, play games, watch movies and all of that fun stuff. I was watching him (the whole time), observing him, etc. And I think he was watching me, but more on the surface--maybe not :-) Then "our group" got smaller and it eventually ended being four, sometimes five or six of us just...hanging out. This was good. We had the opportunity to catch up on life, talk about school, plans (future plans that is) and so many different things. Sometimes, we would all hang out after Bible study and then go to Wendy's afterwards and then Wal-Mart (like we were still in college). But Mychal and I would get "stuck" talking in Wal-Mart's parking lot. We'd talk for hours. I remember one time we stayed out there until 2 in the morning. These were good times and we got a chance to learn a lot about each other. In September 2006 we officially started dating and have enjoyed every step. We've become each others best friends and we're committed to continue being best friends, allowing each other room to grow, working at building a strong relationship, and most of all we're committed to doing it God's way. Cheers to us...we're ~Enjoying the Journey~

How We Got Engaged:
Imagine being in the audience in a historic and intimate venue among musical theatre goers. The crowd is engaged and intrigued by the timeless love story of Aida. Each scene is filled with passion, spirited song and the anticipation of a dramatic finale. This is only the beginning, the raising of the blade before the strike. As the production comes to an end, on this last night of the two week long performance, something more is looming in the atmosphere. Many of the brightly decorated cast are emotional at the thought of ending such a journey with those they’ve come to respect and love. And only a few are aware of what lies at the end of tonight’s performance. When curtain call comes, they all join hands and take a bow in front of the wonderful audience that has given them vibrant energy. But, before the curtain drops, Carl Dean, who plays Radames and is the artistic director, makes an announcement. “Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen for the opportunity to do what we love to do in front of such a gracious gathering.” The crowd roars with cheering. “But before we go there’s one more matter of business we need to take care of.” As he finishes speaking a tall, slim and brown skinned male approaches stage right with an arrangement red roses. Stepping onto the stage, where his girlfriend of more than a year and a half is standing on the back line of the cast; everyone parts like the Red Sea. At first, she’s clueless and doesn’t even recognize him until he hands her the roses. What comes next is even more of a surprise to both her and half the people in the building. As he gets down on one knee and pulls out a small box from his jacket, she understands and begins to weep heavily. She weeps to the point of speechlessness. As he speaks to her, his words can’t be heard over the reaction of the crowd. But she knows what he is asking, even before he speaks. Her uncontrollable tears and emotion prevented her from speaking, so she nods her head to accept. He places the ring on her finger and smiles at her. When he stands and wipes the tears from her face, the musical director plays the music from Aida’s Written in the Stars—one of the beautiful love melodies. The two embrace each other as many in the audience wipe the tears from their own face. One of the lead actors finally decides that the two should step forward and embrace the cheering of the joyful crowd. The couple now notices many of their family members and friends in the house, already known by the soon to be groom. The crowd shouts in excitement even more now than when the cast took its bow. A proposal for the ages. A love at least 16 years in the making. A total surprise and dream come true for such a special woman to so many people.