Sunset Proposal

It was Sept 2007 and I had plans to fly down to North Carolina and visit my girlfriend. I lived in Pittsburgh so for a period of 16 months we were doing the long distance thing due to our jobs. During the months leading up to our engagement I had rented a beach house on Bald Head Island off the coast of North Carolina. We both love going to the beach, so i had thought this would be the perfect spot. I chose Bald Head Island because of the exclusiveness and privacy. We got to the island late Friday night, but we took the golf cart ( no cars on the island )to the nearest beach to enjoy the stars. I knew I wanted to ask the following day, but I had to keep reminding myself to stay calm and act normal. We woke up early that Saturday morning got breakfast and then we headed for a day at the beach. Since it was not peak season most of the beach was empty. We spent a few hours relaxing and enjoying the water. Later that afternoon we got dinner at a small restaurant. I knew I wanted to ask her at Sunset, so i was about an hour away from popping the question. I could barely finish my meal due to my nerves. After dinner we to the west beach to get ready for the sunset. The beach was completely empty of people, which was very surprising but perfect. We set up our beach chairs and we just sat there talking. The sun was my clock, so i knew I had a short period of time before the sun would dip beneath the ocean. We sat there for about 20 minutes and then we got up and took a short walk. We stopped and turned to look at the sunset. She commented that I had a strange look to my eyes. At that point, I got down on one knee and I told her I loved her. I asked her to marry me and she said YES with tears streaming down her face. We just stood there holding each other as we turned around to see the sun finally set. I never imagined things would have worked out so perfectly. I expected to have some sort of audience on a 5 mile stretch of beach, but there wasn't a soul to be found. I will never forget that amazing feeling we both shared during the beautiful sunset.