She said YES....after she asked if it was really happening! (Levi and Destin)

Before we get into the whole story I have to tell you the day of the engagement I thought she was onto me. But a few pictures of a fake reunion set up put me in the clear! I should also say that she told me towards the beginning of our relationship about her dream to be proposed to on the star of Cowboys’ Stadium. With the help from God our Father, the families, and those working at the stadium I was able to make that dream come to life…..

So about 2 weeks before this all went down, Mama Cook told Destin that she bought tickets for them to go tour Cowboys Stadium on May 29th. Sadly, this was the day that I apparently had a family reunion that I just couldn’t miss it, or at least that’s what Destin thought. She kept trying to convince me to find a way to come those few weeks before, but this Hardcastle family reunion was just too important. So Destin and her family took their tour, which seemed completely normal to her… although, she did say she thought it was weird that their tour guide Mario was constantly updating where he was... She just figured the security was obsessively tight… after all, the stadium does have an under ground tunnel system for important people! It was finally time to go out on the field and take their picture on THE star after touring the rest of the stadium! Destin hung her glasses on Mama’s purse and the photographer took 3 pictures before saying, “Uh, I think something is going on behind ya’ll.” She turn around to see me as this blob of a person on my knee asking her if she would marry me! Of course she knew who it was, but she still claims it was the most confusing moment of her life! I absolutely could not believe it was happening (hints why she asked, “Is this really happening?”!!! After that we got lost in the moment… We didn’t even hear a word of Britton’s song that he wrote about us! She tells me she couldn’t have picked a more perfect way to propose or a ore perfect ring out herself!!! I am blessed beyond words with the best fiancé and family a person could ask for! “He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together.” –Colossians 1:17