well my story mite not be quite as romatic as others but its my story none the less.first off im marrying my highschool sweatheart.we lost each other for almost ten years until one day she found me.about three moths ago i got arrested for a past inncodent we wont get into to much.sitting in that cell i didnt think about the time i would be facing.all i could think of was having to go a day without the luv of my life.i realize right then and there that god gave me a second chance and i would be wise to take full advantage of somthing most only wish theyd get to experiance in there life the flip side to this story is my fiance said she would never get married.been sayin that her whole life.wehn i asked her the big question she didnt even hessitate to say yes.if thats not tru luv i dont know nor would i like to know what it is.