Ring on a Cupcake

On Tuesday the 6th of march 2012, I had the ring, all I needed to do was plan how to give it to her and ask the question. My mind goes back to the evening of Saturday 31st of December 2011, I had known Sali exactly 2 weeks, and after a conversation we had had that morning about my interest in baking, I took around to her 1 cupcake made specially for her, after this gesture Sali began to think of me more than a friend as did I, she was special. So now I knew how I was going to present the ring. So that evening of March 6th I baked 4 cupcakes (just in case one went wrong) and in the morning I iced it and rang one of my friends who lives in the same block as me who is a photographer to hide somewhere and take photos of when I proposed.

So walking towards my work place I stopped Sali, turned to her, and asked her weather she liked time wasters, she didn't really understand what I was getting at, which threw me off a bit, so I just pulled the cupcake out of the box i'd been carrying and looked into her eyes and asked "Sali will you marry me". She didn't say anything just looked at the cupcake took it looked at me looked at the cupcake, in the end I had to ask her again, she said "of course I will!!!"

My only regret I'm going to have to live with forever is not getting down on one knee.

So all you guys that are going to propose.....what ever you do GET ON THE KNEE!!!