Paparazzi Proposal

Jordan told Rohita that they were going to dinner (October 24, 2010), so they got dressed up and began walking. There on the corner of 75th and 1st Jordan points to a perfectly set up table with two champagne glasses and a small chocolate blackout cake and says, “what’s that?” He starts to lure her over to the table and immediately her jaw drops. She becomes silent, which for Ro is a miracle in itself. A crowd gathers and a paparazzi photographer jumps out of the bushes and starts taking pictures. Ro is absolutely stunned and begins crying immediately. Jordan drops to one knee, pulls out the ring and says “will you make me the happiest man in the world and do me the honor of being my wife?” Ro screams, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and gives him the world’s biggest hug. He puts the ring on her finger and the crowd goes wild. At that point a group of young children, who trick or treating early saw this all happen. They stop, they cheer and come over to Jordan and Ro and give them the biggest hug they could.

After some more hugging, kissing and applause they say and enjoyed champagne and cake. Throughout the celebration passer bys continued with the congratulatory remarks and well wishes, one woman even came to kiss both of their hands.

They were so excited and couldn’t sit still for long so they called everyone they knew and celebrated the night away.

Why 75th and 1st? This was where the couple met walking down the street in the middle of the Blackout of 2003.