Oheka Castle

Engagement Party.jpg

I consider myself to be somewhat of a trickster. When we talked about getting engaged, Greg was worried that he not going to be able to surprise me because I always tell him that you can’t trick a trickster. He told me that he received a coupon in the mail from a salon that we both go to for buy one get one free massages. He knew I’d be all over it so immediately I told him to schedule an appointment for us. The place is in Woodbury and it’s called the Red Door Salon. Greg is always doing research on property and driving past houses he wants me to see so he told me that he saw a nice house that he wanted to drive past before we went for the massages so we had to leave a little bit early. Of coarse I didn't care so we did and as we were pulling up to the house, I noticed that the entrance to Oheka Castle ended up being right near the house. We have always dreamed of getting married there, but it is so expensive that we realized early on that this was not realistic for us. Once before, we tried to drive on the grounds but there is a security gate and they would not let us pass. Greg asked if I wanted to try and drive on the grounds because we had some time to kill before our massages but this time, Greg spoke to the man at the security gate in the morning and told him his plan. He asked him to pretend we weren't allowed and then to eventually let us go in. We pulled up at the gate and the man told us we could drive in but that we had out in 5 minutes. The grounds were beautiful and finally we pulled up in front of the castle. Greg said he was going to go inside the castle and see if he could get a brochure with pictures of it. I waited in the car for him. He came back out and said that he told the people who work there that we wanted to get married there and that they volunteered to give us a tour. We got a tour of the whole castle and then the man who gave us the tour asked if we wanted to see the rooms. He brought us up to one of the rooms and opened the door. I went inside and there were rose petals spread out on the floor and also on the bed. Greg told me that I was his queen and that he felt it was only fit for him to ask me to spend my life with him in a castle. He proposed and told me that we were going out to dinner, and staying in the castle over night. When he told me that he packed a bag for me, I got quite nervous but he did such an excellent job. I didn't think he had it in him, but he proved that he is a little romantic and also that he could trick me, the trickster.