Mystery Date

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After taking my soon to be Fiance's father on a golf outing which was the most nervous moment of my life, I had to come up with a master plan of engagement. You see, TLC used to run a show called "The Perfect Proposal," and that just so happened to be her favorite show. She used to tell me I couldn't propse unless I could live up to that standard. So the day has come... August 9 2008, A day that means absolutely nothing to either of us so we can call it our own. I woke up at 6:00 AM and got out of bed, she asked where I was going since it was a saturday. I told her my boss called and he needed my help for a little bit. I left the house and drove to the nearest florest to buy a fresh single stem red rose, then I drove to Wal-Mart to buy some construction paper to make her a little card. Since nerves woke me up 6:00 AM and plan plan wasn't supposed to begin untill noon, I had to waste a little time. I ended up buying her breakfast and set it up to give her Breakfast in bed. I got home and fixed up the the breakfast with the red rose and delivered them to the bedroom. She awoke and asked "What's this for?" I told her I have some great news from my boss and I made reservations
for lunch somewhere an hour away. She got up and got dressed after she ate, during this time I was taping the ring box to my ankle and folding up the heart shaped hand made card in my pocket. So we get in the car and I said lets go for an adventure ride around Goat Island first. As we left the island I took her to a Helicopter pad where I through connections was able to have a private 15 minute flight around the Niagara Falls gorge area. After encouraging her to get on the Helicopter since she was a little afraid to fly on one we lifted off. Flying directly over the horseshoe falls I decided it was time to hand her the card. The card read "Five of the greatest years of my life belong to you, I want you to have the rest, LOOK AT ME." Since the Helicopter ride was loud I opened the ring box and mouthed "Will You Marry Me." She said YES!!!. She doesn't really remember much of the flight after the proposal since she couldn't take her eyes off the Diamonds, but I enjoyed the rest. That's about as perfect as it get's in Niagara Falls. Copyrights on it all.