My superman

The day that Daniel asked me to be his wife was the most wonderful day of my life. We had been dating for over a year and had been living togeather for a lil more then six months. It was on my birthday the opening day of the season for Six Flags. I wanted to go since it was on my birthday and he took me. When we got by the karaoke stage I begged him tio sing me a song. It took some convincing but he did it. He sang everything I do i do it for you ( which was appropriate since he sang for Then as we were leaving he took something out of the glove compartment. WE were parked right in front of the Superman and he got down on one knee pretending to tie my shoe (something he often does for me.. why idk I guess cuz its and he asked me to be his wife. I was compleatly oblivious to whole thing but when he asked me I felt this great wave of joy and emotion overcome me. It was the most wonderful feeling. We still live togeather and we are making plans to get married in May of 2010 if we are financially able. I loved him since I first saw him and I know that I always will. You guys may think my story is corny (and Im not gonna lie it kinda but its my story and it will always be.