My poor car

A week prior to the event I went and bought the ring n sent it for resizing. My gf was a tiny waif of nothing n the standard sizings just wouldnt work no matter how I tried to work it....long story short, 6 more days to wait.
When I picked her up from work the following friday, I took the scenic route about 2 hours to the town where I bought her ring but just before that I pulled the fuse to the windows after adjusting to my liking. They wouldnt work but everything else did.
Shucks, eh?
We got to the mall and I had to ask her to stay with the car and I would go in to get new fuses and then we continue our trip out. She was so kind to wait the 5 mins I needed to hit the hardware store inside.
Booted it inside the mall and b-lined it to the jeweller store where I picked up her ring and the little baggie of fuses I arranged to be there (gotta have some credibility or your gig is shot). Went back out, made a show of 'fixin' the problem and then we looped back towards home and wandered through the first places she took me (kinda backwards but when we'd gone everywhere, I thought this might be kinda cool for her).
We get to her old stompin grounds and decide to stretch out legs. Long trip right? Time's runnin out for me due to lingering medical issues with her and I try to make sure she's getting enough sleep (means I have to behave a lot of nights but it's SO worth it), so we take the nice paths for a change instead of exploring as we usually like to.
She's pointing out critters n whatnot n teasin me about hitting them with my car (I have a bad track record with raccoons....mostly from drivin back n forth to her place), and I point out a squirrel or something and boost her up on a stump to get closer look. (I swear it was pure luck that the little bugger showed up where he was LUCK), she's gigglin n pointing while im waiting ever so patiently below her now, holdin her hands from behind.
She musta sences something because when she turned around n had to look down at me, my head was tilted forward n I was wearin a baseball cap, she couldnt see the up=to=no=good look I had goin.
I commented about her finally gettin me to either look up to her or her finally bein able to look down and give me a lifetime of everything n slipped the ring on her finger.
Dratted squirrels....
She said yes.