My enagement

I got Enaged on 19th november 2008 it was really romantic how he done it to so this is ower enagement story.

On the morning of 19th of november he cooked me breakfast in bed with a single pink rose, i though this is strage but he made me happy this morning :), then he took me out for the hole day shopping in london then near evening we went near the london eye and got me my fav ice cream chocolate chip and green mint ice cream we sheard it to togeter then he said we can go on the london eye so i said yes but im scaird of heights he said don't worry im here for you so we got the tickets in the shop the qued in the line for about 10mins then we went up of corse i was kinda holding the side bar abit hard and he cuddled me from behide me then as we reached the top is was a really butifull sunset then he started talking saying i love you soo much it hurt's in my chest and then he turned me around and go down on one knee all the people in ower cupsule were smileling alot and he said will you marry me to me and i said yes :D he got up and put the ring on my fingure and he huged me and kissed me then as we got down lower we all had ower picture takern inside the capsule and then we got out and went to the shop to get ower picture and magnets and keyrings and then we drove bk to his flat and he made a nice cup of tea and then put me to bed.

the end :)