Love At First "Site"

So our coming together truly was love at first "site!" Terry and Deirdre are proof that you really can find love online...

We both made it through troubled marriages and were ready to settle down again. Clubs were a no-no for both of us, so as fate would have it, we met online on

So we emailed a few times and even chatted on the phone once or twice - then the holidays came and time got the best of us. Finally, just after the New Year, Deirdre reached back out to Terry (because she thought he was so cute) and said, "hey, I haven't talked to you in a while! I hope all is well." Terry immediately responded (because he thought she was cute too) and agreed to meet the following weekend.

We quickly fell in love, and have literally been inseparable ever since...

So after about a year of dating, Terry was asked to sing at a family member's wedding in Buffalo, NY. Since Deirdre hadn't met most of Terry's family yet, including his mother, we figured it would be a good trip for the both of us to take. As it turns out, the Buffalo wedding was postponed. But since the plane tickets had already been purchased, Terry had other plans...

He had been thinking of various ways to propose for several weeks, but nothing excited him. Finally one day it hit him - do it in Niagara Falls! The "Honeymoon Capital of the World" would become the place where we would officially begin our journey of love together.

But first, Terry had to buy a ring, get permission from Deirdre's father (as a gentleman should), tell a few close friends and family members, remember the passports, and - most importantly - make sure Deirdre didn't find out! So finally after we flew to Buffalo, met some of Terry's family, got Deirdre hooked on some good ole Buffalo cooking (Buffalo wings, pizza, etc.), the day finally came.

The day started out like any other Saturday. It was chilly, but nice weather for Buffalo. So we crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Canada, worked our way through the crowds of tourists enjoying Niagara Falls and found a quiet place where it was just the two of us overlooking Niagara Falls. The proposal went something like this:

Terry: Isn't this a beautiful site?

Deirdre: Yes it is, it is so beautiful.

Terry: And you are even more beautiful. I love you so much, and there is nothing more that I would rather do than spend the rest of my life sharing moments like this with you. (As Terry takes out the ring...) Deirdre Renee, will you marry me?

Deirdre: *shocked* YES!! Yes baby, YES!!!

We spent the rest of our "Proposal Day" exploring Niagara Falls and Toronto, falling more in love with each other...