"Just supper at the Riggs..."

There is an older couple who live a couple miles up the road from me and my family. We met them a couple years back, and have continued to visit them regularly. Eventually we "adopted" them as our grandparents, because all our(my sisters and I)grandparents are no longer living. Well occasionally we would go to their home and eat supper with them. So when my fiance came along,he was accepted easily into "our circle",and they called him their grandson. Only at that time, my fiance and I were still courting(yes that's right, we did not date). Well, one friday we had planned to go eat supper at their home. My two sisters,Jeff and I. When we showed up at Mama and Papa's,a friend of ours was already there. I wasn't expecting anyone to be there,so I was a little disappointed because we hadn't spent a whole lot of "alone" time with our grandparents. Not to mention this friend of ours was dressed up(a little strange I thought). Well about 10 minutes after we were there,Jeff(my fiance) asked me if I would like to ride one of papa's four-wheelers with him. Now, this was in January, so it was still very cold,and I had not dressed for outdoor activity because I was expecting to stay inside and eat supper!! But what the heck, how often did I get to ride a four-wheeler, and with the man whom I was courting! So of course, I agreed. We hopped on the four-wheeler and zoomed off. We drove down some paths(secluded I might add), that they have all throughout their woods( they own alot of property). Well we were turning around and heading back, when by this time my hands were FREAZING!! So I asked Jeff if i could put my hands in his coat pockets(he had gloves,hat, the whole nine yards). He didn't want me to. He said he needed to use the restroom,so I should wait until he was finished,and then I could. "He was going to stop right up ahead and go." I thought to myself "Why in the world can't I just put my hands in his pockets till then?" But whatever, I agreed to wait(He later told me that he hadn't wanted me to put my hands in his pockets because the ring was in one of them!!). A few yards up ahead he stopped,got off and walked into the woods. I waited for him, NOT looking :) , and tried to warm my hands. He finally got back, and took my hand and started to pull me off the four-wheeler. Now I just thought he was taking me off so her could get back on easier. Lol Not really. As soon as I was standing he got down on one knee(hehe!),and asked me to marry him. I.Was.Shocked. I had waited so long(in my mind) for this, and wasn't expecting it at all right then. I stared at him a couple seconds and then asked him "are you joking??" . lol That probably sounds crazy, but he had asked me that before in the past, but he had only been teasing, so I wasn't sure what to think. Ha, well of course he said no,and went on to say I was the only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, etc... Needless to say,I told him yes, and then he stood and kissed me for the first time. Yes that's right, the first time he and I ever kissed was when he asked me to marry him. But even now,besides then, we are trying to wait until we are married before we KISS again... :) It's not easy. Well!! We drove back,after a moment.... :P and lo and behold when we arrived at mama and papa's there was a large mob of screaching and jumping females!!! lol they had invited a bunch of friends and family to my surprise engagement party. I was so embarrassed and happy!!! We parked the four-wheeler and of course they demanded we kiss right there in the freazing cold(although by then it didn't feel so cold anymore) so that they could film and take pictures of us. Afterwards we went inside to all of the waiting adults, and there was a huge bouquet of red roses and a note that he had bought for me. They had set them out while we were gone. We ate pizza, cake and ice cream, and then every one took loads of pictures of us. It was a little difficult to ignore all the flashing(I hate cameras on me!), but I survived and went home ecstatic!!!
And that is my engagement story........

Oh and also, the ring was his mothers ring from her former marriage. Which made it even more special to me.

Laura Michelle Royal