I'm a hard person to suprise.

My soon to be husband Tom knows that surprising me doesn't come all that easy. Neither does getting me out of the house to go and do random "activities'. For me there has always been a reason and an explanation for everything. So anyway he knew that he had to think of something that would involve me helping him.(that would be the only way I would come without asking any questions) He knew then what was going through my head. On Wednesday, July 15th around 4:45pm i was doing the dishes at home and get this phone call from Tom saying that I need to come pick him up in a town that is at least 20-30 minutes away because his jeep that has been givin us issues from day1 had finally died and used up its last leg. So i packed up myself and went to go get him. He was parked on the side of this road that was like a mile long that crossed this stretch of lake and the sun was setting, it was perfect.. I pulled infront of the jeep and he walked over and asked me to get out to help me get some things out of the junk so i did and as i was walking over to the jeep i knoticed his sweatshirt on the ground of the passengers side and didn't think twice about it i just thought that he was checking under the jeep or whatever. So I go to grab a box out of the jeep and he taps me on the shoulder and kneels down on one knee (on the sweatshirt) and askes "Schushona Maria Hammond WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and the only words that my brain can put together in a stumble are shut up and i felt overwhelmed And I SAID YES!!!! I didn't even realize where I was at that point and all I could see out of my tunnel vison a truck honking as it went by with people yelling out the window like they knew what just happened. all i wish was that it was caught on tape cause it was magical. ~Schushona